If you’re an avid gardener, you must have asked yourself this question, just how to kill clover without killing grass? One of the most common weeds found in American lawns these days is clover. Clovers are quite ugly and can be really disruptive to your lawns because they create an uneven texture in lawns which are quite easily spotted. Clovers are usually dark green and can grow to different heights and lengths.

Tip 1 - How to kill clover without killing grass – When you spot clover on your lawn, pull them out of the soil, getting as close to the root as possible.  They are easy to spot as they will have an uneven shape compared to the rest of your lawn. This will be made easier if your lawn soil is moist, as it’ll be easier to uproot them. You should inspect your lawns constantly as it’s quite easy for clovers to sprout up.

Tip 2 – How to kill clover without killing grass – a very common home remedy or how to kill clover naturally, use vinegar and spray it directly on your lawn or on the clover, the acidity from the vinegar will kill the roots.

Tip 3 – How to kill clover without killing grass - Use cornstarch and sprinkle it all over your lawn, the powder will help control the growth of clover.

Tip 4 – How to kill clover without killing grass - use store bought herbicides. Make sure you read the label before you start using it; some herbicides will not only kill your clovers but your lawn too!

Several homeowners panic when they see clovers on their lawns, but there are advantages to having these as well. When growing clovers in individual units, they can attract wildlife like birds, deer’s and squirrels.How To Kill Clover Without Killing Grass

Hope this small article helps you answer your question, I’d advise you to consult your local landscaping expert if you’re not sure how to deal with clover in your lawns. Clover affects all types of lawns, including centipede grass and it's not uncommon to find centipede lawn owners asking how to kill clover in centipede grass questions as well!