Do you have silverfish infestation? Are you even aware what silverfish bugs are? To be honest, I’ve never heard of silverfish bugs so I thought I would write an article on how to kill silverfish in the house, there are plenty of home owners out there who have experienced the nightmare of having silverfish bug infestation in their homes.

Before we get down to the tips on how to kill silverfish in the house, one question you possibly want to ask is what exactly are silverfish bugs? Silverfish bugs or more commonly known as carpet shark are small, wingless insects that have two antennas that protrude from their head and three tails that extend from the end of their body, usually found in a four combination color sequence of brown, gray, blue and silver and are easily identified as move like fish-like movement on the floor.

Silverfish bugs are harmless to humans, and do not carry any diseases like roaches, but they are known to be very destructive to paper, magazine and photographs. If a home owner finds destroyed paper and photographs around the house, it might be because they have a silverfish infestation!

Here are some tips on how to kill silverfish in the house:

Tip 1 on how to kill silverfish in the house – Identify all unused water sources. Silverfish thrive on water to survive; by eliminating all water sources for them will help in eliminating silverfish bugs. Take a walk around the inside of your home as well as outside, find any standing water or water leaks, and fix them. When inspecting your home, make sure you inspect your attic, compartments underneath your sink and any other place where there is a chance for any water leaks as well as bugs to infest.

Tip 2 on how to kill silverfish in the house – Identify humid areas of your house, silverfish bugs love humid temperatures, and can infest easily with a combination of water and humidity. A female bug can lay upwards to 100 eggs in her life and these eggs can hatch within 3 months, the survival rates for these hatchlings are above 90%!

Tip 3 on how to kill silverfish in the house – remove any available food source. Silverfish bugs can go up to nine months without any food, by removing any food source such as biscuits, chips and crackers that are stored on the floor, will help eliminate them. Regular house cleaning as well as cleaning your floors should be a normal routine; this will help to ensure that you’re taking away all food sources for not only silverfish bugs but other household bugs and rats.How To Kill Silverfish In The House

Commercial products to eliminate silverfish bugs are available at most supermarkets and stores, I would strictly encourage you to talk with a store rep to make sure you pick the right product, you want to make sure that the product you buy will not harm you, your children or your pets.

I hope this article on how to kill silverfish in the house has been useful, I believe that it’s better to prevent silverfish bug infestation before it happens than to treat it after it’s become a problem!