Many people consume so called energy drinks under the sometimes mistaken impression that such drinks are actually healthy and good for them. Many of them are not in fact good for you, however. They are marketed as health products, but in many cases, that's just marketing lingo. It's not the truth. Read the ingredients list on many popular energy drinks and you will see.

Things You Will Need

You will need your critical thinking skills and a desire to consume safe products.

Step 1

One of the dangers of energy drinks is that so many of them contain enormous amounts of caffeine. Sure, a mega dose of caffeine will give you an energy burst, but you will also crash afterward and feel extremely tired and even depressed during that crash.

Step 2

Any time you drink too much caffeine, you run the risk of getting jittery and nervous. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. Some people like to get that uncomfortable feeling prior to working out so that they will be able to burn off that nervous energy. But know that it is not healthy to get so amped up on the caffeine in energy drinks (or any other caffeinated beverages, for the matter) that your hands are actually shaking. This is a sign that you have consumed far too much caffeine, and even a lengthy workout might not help you get rid of all that excess energy. Caffeine energy is not healthy energy anyway, it's the fake, nervous kind of energy you get from using any other kind of upper.

Step 3

Energy drinks can also cause your heart to beat too quickly and can elevate your blood pressure to dangerous levels. If you have any personal history or family history of high blood pressure, this is yet another good reason to avoid energy drinks.

Just because marketers know how to push your buttons by selling you the idea that energy drinks are actually good for you, there is no need for you to fall prey to their clever advertising schemes. If you want to feel hydrated and healthy, you may want to stick with drinking good old pure, clean water instead of energy drinks. 

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to read the labels on all energy drinks and other products before consuming them. If  you are determined to try one of these drinks, despite all the warnings, not only in this article, but elsewhere, please consider trying just a little bit (rather than the whole thing) at least at the very beginning, so that your body has some time to adjust.