It can be difficult and frustrating trying to understand the men, especially when it comes to interest on their part, or lack of.

So how do you know when a man is into you?

Below is a list of signs that he is attracted to you.

· He looks at you a lot.
This one is obvious and it goes without saying but it needs to be said anyway.
If he is shy, he may look away if you catch him looking, but that is a huge sign.
If he looks longer at you than he would at anyone else, that is a huge sign too.

· He smiles at you.
He may do this subconsciously if he likes you, but it may also be a sign to tell you that he likes you.

· If he touches you. That's it. Unless you have been friends for the last 6 years, there aren't any other reasons why he would touch you.

· Does he ask you a lot of questions? This could be a sign that he wants to find out more about you, but he may have also just have heard that it's a good way to carrying on a conversation with a woman that you are interested in.

· Is he nervous? We come nervous around people we are attracted to, you know this!

· Do you get the impression that he tries to make you laugh? This is a big sign. Humour is one of the best ways to attract a woman.

· Does he try to show off? May not be attractive to you, but it's nonetheless a big sign that he is trying to make himself attractive in your eyes.

· Does he give you compliments?

· Has he told a mutual friend that he likes you? Well, if he has, you can stop reading this article; you don't need it any longer. He said it himself!

· Touch him and see how he reacts? Does he move away? If he does, it's not a good sign. If he stays he is open to more of it.

· Does he remember details and little pieces of information that you have shared with him?

· Has he asked for your contact information?
Even if hasn't, it may just be a sign that he is shy.

· Ask him. Ask him out on a date.

If all else fails, what does your intuition tell you? This is surprisingly a very good way of knowing. Our gut feeling is almost always right.