Winning online contests truly is an exciting moment. Many people participate in online contests thinking that they may win some prize as there are so many online contests the chances of winning some prize is high. However, not all the contest websites on the internet are legitimate and if you are not able to find out whether a contest site is legitimate or not, you may end up becoming a victim of fraud. Not only this, you can become a victim of spam too; you will start receiving unwanted emails, spam mails and phone calls. By taking into account some precautions, you can easily find out an illegitimate site:

1. The first thing you need to do is research on the source of the contest site. One way to find out about its legitimacy is through the prizes they offer. Some contest may offer prizes such as HP laptop or Sony PSP. You need to find out through HP or Sony whether they are associated with any such contest or not. By showcasing attractive prizes, many a times contest sites try to attract people to their site. If you feel unsure about any contest site, you should avoid it.

2. Contest site should mention basic information such as how you can enter contests, how you can redeem your prizes, how you can find out who has won the prize. It should have a detailed FAQs page. There should be dedicated page for understanding the rules and regulations of all the contests. Also, the company to whom the site belongs should clearly mention its contact information and details of the sponsors.

3. You must read the privacy policy page thoroughly. Through it, you come to know to what extent your private details will be used by them. The contest should not sell or give away your information to any third-party company. This should be mentioned in the privacy policy page. It should also mention that they have asked you to provide them your contact details only for the sole purpose of entering contests.

4. Enter only those contests that do not require you to buy anything online. You should refrain from entering credit card or debit card or netbanking details unless you are provided with a secure page.