You can tell when your lover cheats on you

Is your friend's lover cheating on him/her? But hey, what about yours? If you have doubts then there are some important tips to help you recognize some signs of cheating lovers:

Things You Will Need

quick perception, clever resourcefulness, quickness and a penetrating mind

Step 1

Be observant on the abrupt improvements of your lover's wardrobe or personal appearance. Has he/she always worn big shirts but now tight ones? Is he/she a pajama person who has taken to sexy underwear?

Is he/she buying new clothes recently? If your lover has a new wardrobe collection that suddenly piles up, that may be a sign that he/she is comfortable showing off those clothing elsewhere to somebody. And if he/she starts to be so conscious recently with his/her body and count the food calories when eating then take note of these sudden changes too.

These could be major signs that someone besides you is admiring the improvements his/her body figure. Also observe the new fragrance that he/she is using, teeth whitening strips or a new kind of soap that unexpectedly appear inside the bathroom cabinet.

Step 2

Be watchful of the impulsive changes in your sex life. Is your lover no longer interested in having sex with you at all? Does he/she want to do unusual things in the bedroom that he/she has never done before?

You need to know because these could be proofs that indicate the possibility of infidelity or unfaithfulness on his/her part. If you want to be intimate with your lover or mate, making love is also a big part of a loving and healthy relationship

Step 3

Be very attentive to the information that your own gut feelings give you each day. You might be picking up on small changes in your lover without even realizing it, the kind of changes that will truly contribute to an intuitive feeling deep down inside that something is really wrong going on about how your lover behaves and treats you recently.

Cheating is a deceitful action that can give a lot of heartaches and pains to an innocent lover who has never been unfaithful in the relationship. Infidelity is never an excuse if you really love and value your mate.

Step 4

Be watchful of the changes in your lover's work schedule, leisure time and financial spending habits. Do you know if your lover have unexpected meetings to attend to or suddenly begins to work overtime? Does he/she go out for dinner because he/she was invited by important people from work?

Any abrupt changes in your lover's usual routine can truly be signs of infidelity or unfaithfulness. Be alert especially of the abrupt changes that may lead in your lover's personal finances like more credit card debts. Finances will also be affected once your lover or partner starts to cheat on you.

Step 5

Be observant of the unusual ways of your lover like running straight to the shower upon returning home from work or leisure. If you can smell a new scent of perfume on him/her, some scratches and bruises or lipstick stains on the collar then these are signs that your lover is truly cheating on you.

Step 6

Be wide-awake and open-minded if your lover used to pride himself or herself on the upkeep of the cleanliness of your house but it has no longer been cleaned for months because he or she is all of a sudden busy with a new hobby or recreation.

New hobbies or pastimes that swiftly get taken up or unattended can also be a sign of a cheating lover or spouse. Just be calm and continue to observe and gather evidences because it is not good to confront and accuse your partner of something that you are not even sure of.

Step 7

Be sharp-eyed if your lover suddenly has a new cellphone or new laptop that he or she had bought but never bothered to inform you. Is he or she now so busy in using these new things that he/she even forgot to eat together with you?

These behaviors can also be clues that he/she is using the new technology to expedite his/her unfaithfulness or
infidelity towards you. Modern gadgets and equipment can also be used by lovers or spouses who want to cheat.

Step 8

Be vigilant because lovers who cheat have some justifying reasons to tell. They are guilty of breaking the rules of your love relationship so they will try to justify the cheating to themselves by blaming it on you.

They will try to find any fault that you have done. He/she will bombard you with complaints on how you treat him/her so badly or how you perform poorly with regards to your sex life.

All these accusations will be directed to you because this person wants to change the topic of what you want to discuss and only cares of himself/herself. He/she doesn't want to be blamed for his/her own unfaithfulness or infidelity.
If you are in a love relationship with someone, you need to tell your lover in advance that once he/she will become unfaithful to you then that will also be the end of your relationship. Infidelity should be taken seriously by lovers because it's a serious violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules of an intimate relationship.

It will be very difficult for you to trust a lover or spouse again if he/she already had been
unfaithful to you whether it was sexual or non-sexual in nature. It will take plenty of time and a lot of effort for both parties in order for your relationship to work out.

Tips & Warnings

Unfaithfulness or Infidelity is not only about sex outside the relationship, but it is mainly about betrayal and disloyalty. It would be better that you find another person to date and love whether it is through online or offline and have a committed relationship.

If you want to continue your relationship after you had been cheated by your lover, then be sure that you can still trust him/her because you will only suffer sleepless nights within the relationship in the long run.

Seek counseling because there are many counselors who are specialized in helping couples in crisis dealing with infidelity or unfaithfulness. Both of you have to take your best efforts in mending and building back your relationship.

If you feel deep down inside that you are really involved in a toxic relationship, it's advisable to end it rather than seek counseling. Abusers will keep on promising that they will change to make the relationship work but they will just continuously cheat on their spouses or lovers.