Since the beginning of time, men everywhere have been confused about women. Most men don't know the signs that women give when they like someone. Signs will be thrown at you while you are standing in front of her and you may never pick up on it. Fortunately, I have some tips for you. You will be able to see the signs that women give when they are into you.

Things You Will Need

Open Mind

Game Face

Attention to Detail

Step 1

Observe Observe her. Pay attention to how she acts around her friends and see if there is a difference with how she acts toward you. If she touches you, laughs at what you say, looks you in the eyes, or tries to carry conversation, she might be into you.

Step 2

Secrets Notice if she whispers to her friends. If you come close and she quickly stops and diverts attention, then she may be into you.

Step 3


Pick up on "negs." A neg is a term for a joke or to poke fun at you. If she has whitty things to say, even though they may be mean or slick remarks, she may be doing it because she likes you.

Step 4

Body Language Notice her body language. If she shutters her eye lids sometimes or plays with her hair, she is giving you a sign. These signs are subliminal. Women do it on purpose. She may bite her lip or play with her hands or jewlery. Look for the little signs, but keep your eyes wide open. Observation will give you enough information to know whether to persue the girl or not. Remember women are tricky, so recognize when the signs start flying.

Tips & Warnings

Give some signs back and watch for her reaction.