Signs That Your Man Does Not Love You Anymore

Women are known to be caring, nurturing people who can provide unconditional love and emotional support to their spouse or significant other. Unfortunately, these positive relationship traits are not always reciprocated or appreciated by the man. Even worse, some men choose to take full advantage of these qualities. Unfortunately, there are some men who mistake a woman's kindness for weakness. Women have the right to feel loved and appreciated in their relationship and if they consistently feel that their man doesn't love them, it's time to evaluate the relationship closely. If there are too many signs that your man doesn't love you anymore, it's time to cut him loose and move on to something better. Signs of an impending break up can be difficult to acknowledge, especially when you are on the receiving end of the hurt feelings. In order to ensure that you maintain a healthy level of emotional health, it's imperative that you be honest with yourself when assessing your relationship with your man.

If you need a bit of extra help, there are tons of self-help books that you might find useful. Personally, I love self-help books; they lend valuable perspective into your life and help you see things from a clear point of view. If you're having difficulties with your significant other, you might want to check out the book, "He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth To Understanding Guys". There is another book that is great for women who just went through a break up called, "It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken: The Smart Girl's Breakup Buddy". These books will hopefully enlighten you as to why you continued in a relationship that was not giving you anything back, while helping you think positive so that you can move on. I know of people that have kept one of these books with them at all times during the initial breakup period to help keep them strong and motivated. It's not a bad idea, actually. Anyway, back to the signs of an overdue breakup that you need to be aware of...

The first sign that your man doesn't love you is the easiest to see. If your man hits you or is violent with you, he does not love you. There is never a reason to put your hands on your spouse or girlfriend, no matter how angry someone might be. Of course, men who hit women will usually create a fictitious excuse as to why they became violent in order to displace the blame onto their victim. Love is an action, not a feeling and hitting someone is not a sign of love. Men will not hurt a woman if they truly love them. You must force yourself to ignore the nonsense and the excuses and accept his actions at face value. Man will make countless excuses when exhibiting abusive behavior. Most of these men will blame the woman, saying that she pushed him too far or will blame stress, work or children. Women with a healthy self-esteem realize that these notions are not true, and that there is nothing that anyone can do to force someone to become abusive or violent. We are all in control of our own emotions and must be accountable for them.

Sadly, there are some women who believe that controlling behavior is a sign of love. They are kidding themselves in a very bad way. Controlling behavior is not a sign of love; it's a selfish trait that is common in men who are insecure and in men who have abusive tendencies. Don't ever accept controlling behavior as a sign of love or affection, because it definitely is not. Tell your man the same thing, so the he does not continue to insult your intelligence with his cruel patterns of behavior. You deserve better, and you know it.

Cheating spouses and boyfriends can cause much more heartache than they are worth. The pain and distrust that results from an affair can make the relationship impossible to continue. After the affair, you will find yourself constantly checking on his whereabouts, checking his cell phone and snooping through his email. You have to admit, that is not a way to live and it's certainly no way to enjoy a relationship. If your man cheated on you, he obviously lacked the respect for you and the control over his own actions to remain faithful and committed. If you have to follow your man everywhere he goes and constantly check up on him, is that really a relationship? What's the point of it? It is so much better to cut your losses and move on, and find someone who loves you enough to be faithful to you.

Controlling boyfriends carry their own set of headaches with them. If you find that your man is a control freak, it's time to get away before the relationship turns dangerous. 

What Are Some Examples Of Controlling Behavior In Men?

If you find that your man is constantly eavesdropping in your conversations, the relationship is going sour. You have the right to talk on the phone and socialize without him sticking his nose in your business constantly. Relationship space is healthy. If your man has difficulty giving you your own space, he is controlling you. There are lots of relationship decisions that have to be made from day to day. This can range from simple choices, like where to eat dinner or more complex choices, like where to go for the next upcoming holiday. If you find that you never have a choice, and that you are made to do what your boyfriend or husband wants you to do over and over again, it's time to speak up or move on. This issue goes hand in hand with your professional and social life. If you are constantly being tracked down or interrogated about your whereabouts, you've got a problem on your hand. If you even think that your man is being overly controlling, chances are, you're probably right. Relationships with controlling men are extremely unhealthy and they don't usually end up improving once they start.

If your man berates you, belittles you or puts you down all the time, this is not love. People who love each other go out of their way to make each other feel good, and to encourage each other's success. Any man who treats his woman this poorly on a constant basis is not worth keeping around. If he cannot stop insulting you or hurting you, he's enjoying being the cause of your pain. This is a surefire way of knowing that your man doesn't love you. He does, however, enjoy torturing you and upsetting you. Be honest with your self enough to have awareness of these qualities in your man, even if they are not the qualities that you had hoped for. 

If you're reading this article, chances are that something in your relationship isn't right anymore. It's hard to accept this notion, especially with relationships that started out as a romantic whirlwind. It's hard to see the man that we fell in love with as an evil soul who doesn't care about how much he hurts us. It's even harder to admit that he lacks basic respect for us as human beings. That's okay, all is not lost. As women, we have to have enough respect for ourselves to know when something isn't right and move away from the situation. We deserve to be happy and we deserve to be loved by our mate. Relationships are voluntary, and any woman who is with a man that doesn't love her should exercise her right to enjoy her freedom and find someone who will love and respect her for who she is.

When A Man Doesn't Love You Anymore

Breaking up is hard to do.