Now that you have the positive result on your pregnancy test, your hormones may be running wildly out of control. You may want sex more often than usual or you may have no sex drive at all. Your partner may be happy with your new found drive or he maybe scared of hurting you or the baby. This is all completely normal and to be expected. You may have highly opposing feelings all in one day or in one hour. Pregnancy hormones are much like PMS mood swings on overdrive. So, what is a couple to do? First be informed and secondly discuss you feelings and fears with both your partner and your doctor.


In a normal, uneventful pregnancy, sex is safe. Sex is not a cause for miscarriage, assuming the sex you are having isn't painful or rough. Even though a man would like to think that they are large enough to harm you or the baby, he isn't.


Any comfortable position is also ok during pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses some positions will become uncomfortable. As long as you are both happy and satisfied, it is fine and safe. Many pregnant women avoid intimacy because they assume it will not be pleasurable – on the contrary an increased blood supply oftentimes increases pleasure. Experiment and find a level of comfort that you are both happy with.


If you or your partner have a sexually transmitted disease, use a condom. A condom will protect you, your partner and your unborn baby from the course of the sexually transmitted disease. You and your baby’s health are the ultimate concern. Do not allow your partner to sway your decision to protect your unborn child. If you have any doubts about your decision, speak with your doctor as a couple. Many times a doctor who acts as an impartial third party will be able to convince your partner that it is not wise to take risks with an unborn baby’s health.


Oral Sex is fine as long as your partner does not blow air into your vagina which can cause an embolism. An embolism can be fatal. As long as both partners are comfortable and happy to be engaged in the activity, it is fine and will not harm the baby or mother.

Orgasms and sexual intercourse do not bring on pre-term labor. Nature will bring on labor. Many women fear the orgasm with cause spontaneous contractions, but that is not true unless you have a medical condition that your doctor has specifically said no sexual activity, but this is very rare. If the doctor hasn’t said it – it should not be a concern.

Sex should be avoided if your doctor tells you to abstain because of preterm labor, or the risk of bleeding, you are leaking amniotic fluid, you are prematurely dilated, you have placenta previa or certain other medical conditions.

Tips & Warnings

Always ask your doctor any of your pregnancy questions. Do not be embarrassed, they have heard it all!