Children are inquisitive and don't readily comprehend danger,Young children tend to put things in their mouth.This combination of factors can lead to poisoning.Recognizing that a child has been poisoned isn't always easy.I have listed some symptoms that may indicate poisoning.However if you believe a child has swallowed,breathed in,or touched poison,call the poison control center or the nearest hospital.Be prepared to describe what poisoned the child; how the poison was taken,if the child has vomited,the child's age,weight,and height and any health problems the child has.Keep the container that held the poison with you when you call so that you can answer any questions about it,Follow the directions you receive.Even if youre not sure be safe and call the poison control center to talk to someone and see what you should do in your situation.Remember it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Inability to track movement with the eyes

Burns or stains around the mouth

Stange smelling breath

Difficulty Breathing




Burning or irritation of the eyes or blindness


If you determine that a child is not breathing,send someone to call 911 and follow the steps below.If you are alone and no one hears your call for help,continue the following steps for one minute.The make the 911 call yourself.

Step 1

Place the child face up on a firm surface.Turn the child's head to one side and clear the mouth of any fluid or foreign matter.You should remove any object only if its visible and loose.

Step 2

To open the child's airway,lift the child's chin with one hand and push down on the forehead with the other.

Step 3

Take a breath, cover the child's mouth with your mouth, and pinch the nose closed.Keeping the child's chin lifted , give one small breath. If you see the child's chest rise, remove your mouth and let the child's lungs expel the air, Then repeat the breathing.If the chest does not rise, position the head, as in Step 2, and attempt another breath.

Step 3

If the child is still not breathing and there are no signs of life, CPR,whcih combines chest compressions with rescue breathing, should be started immediately.