There are very few people that will specifically pay attention to how you have laced your pair of casual dress shoes; however, it should be noted that they affect the overall look of the shoes. There is a common phrase that people sometimes use that goes something along the lines of “something is only equal to the sum of all its parts”; this is the mentality that governs the different ways that you choose to lace up your pair of casual dress shoes.

Learning how to lace dress shoes is relatively easy, and lacing dress shoes is the exact same as lacing any other pairs of shoes. Their laces may be thinner and holes may be smaller, but they are laced up in the same manner. This article is designed to provide you with the 4 most effective ways to lace up your pair of casual dress shoes; choose any of them, and you will surely be satisfied with the outcome. These methods can be used to enhance the look of the shoes that you are wearing; you can have the best looking pair of black dress shoes or the most unique looking pair of grey casual dress shoes, but without the right lacing pattern, they will look the same as every other pair in the room! In addition, Amazon has a wide selection of inexpensive shoe laces that you may want to buy to execute some of these patterns.

Lace Up Your Casual Dress Shoes In A Straight Bar Method

This is one of the least common ways to lace a pair of dress shoes; however, it looks the coolest! It is uncommon to see simply because many people do not know about it, not because it is too difficult to learn. The method to lacing using the straight bar method is relatively simple. You must first imagine that each side of the lace possesses a color: the piece of lace on the left side of the shoe will be the red and the piece of lace of the right side of the shoe will be the yellow.

The idea here is to send one piece of the lace across the shoe from one side to the other, and then push it outwards through the hole that sits 2 holes above the one that the lace was pushed inwards through. For instance, imagine that you have a shoe in front of you with the lace solely pushed through the bottom two holes. You would take the red side of the lace and push it outwards through the next hole on the right, send it across and downwards through the adjacent hole, then you would send it outwards through the hole that sits two above the last one and inwards through the adjacent one. It may seem hard to understand, but feel free to email me through the contact form above, and I explain it in a more detailed manner.

Plain And Simple Criss Cross Lacing

Criss cross is the most common and effective method of lacing up a pair of dress shoes; it allows them to be tightened relatively easy, and is extremely easy to learn how to lace. The fact of the matter is that most of the people that are reading this are trying to learn how to lace casual dress shoes in a new manner, and most will already know how to do this. However, I will briefly explain it for those individuals that are unaware of how to do it.

You must send each side of the lace outwards through adjacent holes, and then inwards through the hole that sits above and across the first hole. You must then push the laces outwards through the hole that sits above the last, and repeat the process.

I would recommend using this method to lace up your dress shoes primarily if you are short on time, because it will not make you stand out from the crowd! Simply put, you could be wearing a $200 pair of casual dress shoes, but nobody will notice anything different from the $40 pairs of dress shoes if they are laced in the exact same manner.

Using Roman Lacing On Your Casual Dress Shoes

The most interesting thing about lacing your dress shoes using the Roman lacing method is that it utilizes both of the methods that are described above; it basically combines both the straight bar and criss cross method. This is the lacing method that I use with the majority of my dress shoes because I have yet to see another individual choose this method to lace their casual dress shoes!

The easiest way to imagine the pattern is through the “XIXI” manner. Tilt your head to the side, and look at the letters that sit under this sentence.


You should start to lace the dress shoes using the straight bar method, and then immediately switch to using the criss cross method; perform one more lace using each method and you will be finished with the pair of casual dress shoes!

It is really a matter of personal preference; however, these are the three best looking, and most effective methods! There are quite a few things to consider when you buy casual dress shoes; the ability to lace them in a manner that suits you is definitely an aspect that you should keep at the front of your mind.