Many of us may of took a Spanish language class in high school. Most of us that did take Spanish classes remember little to nothing from those high school Spanish classes. If you are interested in learning Spanish then there are many different methods you can use. Spanish use is growing drastically in the United States and if you and your family speak Spanish then it will help you in many situations. It might even help you get either a raise or a better paying job.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone takes a unique approach to learning Spanish. If you go too the Rosetta Stone website they have a sample lesson that will show you how they teach the languages. Rosetta Stone is seen everywhere. From Barnes and Noble to online commercials. Some people swear by the Rosetta Stone method of learning and others think it is an over priced language course that does not work as well as other language methods. Go to the Rosetta Stone website and take a sample lesson and then make up your mind if you like there method of learning foreign language.

If you do like the Rosetta Stone method then you also need to consider if you can afford the Spanish language course from Rosetta Stone. The official Rosetta Stone website lists the Spanish level 1 program for $229.00. If you want the full course it will cost you even more.


Pimsleur is another popular method of learning Spanish. The introductory course for the Pimsleur approach to learning Spanish is available for only $9.99. The introductory course will be enough to decide if the Pimsleur method of learning Spanish is for you or not.

Community Colleges

Many community colleges offer non-credit foreign language courses. The non-credit classes are generally in-expensive and will offer you a traditional classroom with instructor to help you learn the basics of Spanish. You can use the non-credit community college Intro to Spanish class and at the same time use another study at home method such as the Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur Spanish language courses.


Fluenz is unique. Fluenz offers you the chance of learning Spanish at home on your computer but it is set up so you will have an instructor. It is like taking the community college Spanish courses but doing it at home.

Casa Xalteva

There are many programs where you can be culturally enriched as you learn a foreign language. Casa Xalteva is an amazing hands on Spanish program. Casa Xalteva is in Nicaragua. An extended trip to Casa Xalteva will get you valuable Spanish lessons as well as introduce you to the friendly people of Nicaragua. You will also be helping out on many projects to help better the community you would be staying in. Casa Xalteva is a great way to be immersed into Spanish and learn it in a practical environment as well as being a great humanitarian.

Casa Xalteva also helps to raise money for programs to help alleviate and eliminate poverty in Nicaragua.

A trip to Nicaragua as part of the Casa Xalteva Spanish program will cost you $150.00 for a week. You can stay 4 weeks for $520.00 and each additional week is $130.00. The longer you are able to stay in Nicaragua as part of the Casa Xalteva program the better and faster you will become at speaking Spanish.

If you sign up for the Casa Xalteva program in Nicaragua you can also pay an additional $90.00 per week and stay with a Native Nicaraguan Host family. The cultural immersion is huge but is done in a way to make you feel safe and confident. You will not only learn Spanish but you will learn the customs of the locals as you live like they do. You will almost definitely establish some life long friendships while in Nicaragua as part of the Casa Xalteva program.

Other Methods Of Learning Spanish

If you go to Amazon or any other bookstore you will see a huge range of courses to help you learn Spanish. Most of them contain CDs or DVDs that you can listen to in your car, on your computer, or on your TV at home. Usually you follow along in a book as you listen to the audio.

You can also spend some time watching the Spanish language channels on your TV. This is a hard way to learn as they all seem to speak so fast but once you start learning some basic words you can begin to pick up on a tiny bit of what they are saying.

You can use one of the many online social networks and forums that designed to allow people to learn foreign language with the help of native speakers.

Why Learn Spanish?

Many people learn a foreign language simply as a fun activity or to be able to impress there friends with there new Spanish speaking skills. Maybe you need to learn Spanish to be able to better communicate with some of the customers at your job. If you work in an environment with a lot of Spanish speakers such as a Dairy then you will have a much better chance of getting promoted to foreman or supervisor is you are bilingual in English and Spanish.

20 years from now our English will be integrated with Spanish and we will have more Spanish and Spanish/English hybrid words in use then ever before. If you want your kids to be successful when they are older learning Spanish will be a skill that will aid them for the rest of there life.

Someone who speaks Spanish fluently will be able to communicate with a larger portion of our society and will be able to help others in time of need.

Maybe you are just going to Mexico for a week long vacation but you want to be able to order food and find out where the nearest bathroom is. If you speak basic Spanish it will make a trip into the deep heart of Mexico more enjoyable and possibly even safer. If you are in Mexico it gives you a chance to not only practice your basic Spanish phrases but also to pick up on new words.