I'm going to show you EXACTLY how I went from speaking exactly ZERO Spanish (except, "hola, donde está el baño?") to being conversationally fluent in about 2 months.

It's really simple, actually.

Things You Will Need

A little bit of focus...that's all!

Step 1

Buy a plane ticket to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain, Columbia or ANY Spanish speaking country.

Tickets to Costa Rica are ridiculously cheap from the US and let's face it, you need a vacation! This ticket and the money you spent on it will hold you accountable for learning the basics before you leave.

OK, so you don't HAVE to go to a Spanish speaking country and I really don't expect you to drop $500 on a plane ticket, but if you're serious about learning the language, 1 month in another country is usually better than 1 year studying your butt off in your own country.

Step 2

Get on YouTube and start watching anything you can in Spanish.

This will get your mind moving in the Spanish rhythm and even though you might not understand anything yet, the cadence and pronunciation will slip in to your subconscious mind (you'll need this later).

Step 3

Learn "major" words.

Some words you'll definitely need are things like "ser" and "ir" which mean "to be" and "to go".

Do a Google search on "The most used words in Spanish" and "The most common Spanish verbs / adjective / adverbs".

Focus only on the words that are the MOST COMMON and absolutely IGNORE everything else for now.

That's because you can communicate with about 90% fluency if you learn about 20% of the words in a language!

Step 4

Get on Skype and Mixxer

By Using Skype and Mixxer Language exchange, which you can both find using a search engine, you'll accelerate your language learning 10x!

Mixxer lets you put in the language you speak and then then language you're learning and it will connect you with people who want to learn your language and know the language you want and give you their Skype Screen Names!

Step 5

Call them on Skype and talk!

This is by far the best thing you can do outside of going to the country – actually speaking to people.

You're going to be nervous and you'll be messing up your speaking like crazy at first.

But Do it anyway!!!

This is how you learn. And believe me, you will learn FAST this way.

This is PRECISELY how I prepare for my trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and when I got there, I was speaking with EVERYONE, even though it took me a good 2 weeks to get all the local slang and expressions down!

Step 6


This means constantly reinforcing your language skills by speaking, listening and reading/writing as much as possible.

A few good ways to do this are to use a good language software program.

Such as This One:

Another is to watch your favorite movies dubbed into Spanish.

This will trip you out…the translations are hilarious!

Here's one: I'm SERIOUS…date someone who speaks the language.

The best learning retention happens when the learning is emotional. So get your emotions involved!

Everybody I know who has learned a 2nd or 3rd language has used some variation of my method.

Buena Suerte!

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