Start controling your emotions for a better life

Learning to control emotions can lead to a more productive life.

Are you wanting to learn how to control your emotions? The answer is most likely, yes. Especially if you have an emotional personality or you have just been under extreme amounts of stress lately. Many people are not truly aware of how their actual actions, thoughts, words and feelings control the emotions you may be feeling.

Emotions can be so overwhelming, and though many emotions such as love, happiness and enjoyment are wonderful there are also the lesser-fun emotions such as stress, sadness, anger and depression. Learning how to control your emotions will only help you grow as a person and also help you to become productive and successful in any course of action that you take. So, if you want to learn some very basic ways to help control your emotions -- keep reading!

Steps to follow to learn how to control your emotions with ease.

There are plenty of practices out there to help you control your emotions, however, I have a few of my very favorite techniques to help you learn how to control your emotions that I have personally tried and succedded with. These emotional changing techniques will help you sort out how rational your emotions are in tune with how you truly feel. Many people seem to believe that emotions are the exact same as how your actually feeling but that's not always true.

Learn to stop acting on impulse. Impulses are maybe the worst trigger for emotional stress. When you act on an impulse, basically you are reacting before ever thinking about the entire situation and all of the surrounding factors. Your emotions take over and before you can begin to weigh the differences - you are already in the action.

  • How to control your impulse? Stop and think. It's really that simple. Instead of reacting as soon as possible, grab a pen and a notebook and actually write down every emotion that you feel and weigh the differences of why you might feel that way. This will ultimately help you see why you react so quickly and thus helping you control the emotion next time around.

Control your emotion by meditating. Meditating is one of the most successful mental health practices today. It's an acient practice that is still being used every day by the most successful of people. You don't have to light candles and all that special stuff. You just need to devote 10 to 20 minutes a day to sit quietly and meditate on every event taking place in your life. Try to find solutions to those problems and try to find reasons why that event might have happened.

  • Once you have clarity about the way you feel - learn to control your emotions by learning to control what you think. This is a practice of meditation that is so important. By learning to block out certain thoughts that you WANT to block, you are controling your thoughts. It takes practice, but it's a great way to focus on controling how you feel also.

Learn to let go. Letting go takes a lot of courage and strength from deep down inside of yourself. Admitting to yourself to there is nothing that you can do to change a certain situation will help you learn to control your emotions. Actually, learning to get go of things out of your control is not only controling emotions but it's also going to help rid yourself of those emotions all together. Always ask yourself if there is anything at all that you could do to help the situation, if not - let it go.

Other tips to learn how to control your emotions include:

  • Control negative words. If you say negative things in relects negative emotions.
  • Control how many complaints you have a day. If you are complaining about something, stop and think about it. Is there a legit reason or are you just being negative?
  • Keep a diary of emotions. You may not want to write every moment of the day down - but jot down strong feelings and emotions that you have. Review these notes and see if there is a pattern or trigger to avoid.
  • Practice a poker face. Even if you are emotional, you can control how others view your emotions until you get those emotions in check. Practice a poker face daily in the mirror. Even when you are experiencing strong emotions - try to control how you look while processing those emotions. In the end, this will only help control how you react.