Through out this guide I will show you ways of both finding out if someone is lying to you, and ways that you can lie yourself. Alot of this advice is very helpful I have found through personel experience but do not exploit this knowledge as it could cause your life to become very miserable.
Instead I aim for you to use this either in your job, if you are a manager of some kind and wish to find out if someone is really off sick, or if you are a school kid and just wish to lie succesfully about not doing your homework. Ok lets get started:

Things You Will Need

You will not need any items of any kind to do this, except an eye for detail, reasonable social skills and a lack of morale principles.

Step 1


Using eye positions to tell if someone is lying

This is a very effective way of telling if someone is lying but if they are aware of the method it will not be effective in the slightest.

If someone is asked to imagine what something looks like they will look up and to there right e.g. If you said to someone, "Imagine a green koala" they will commonly look up and to there left e.g. a Scrubs Day Dream Moment:

This is VC: Visual Construction, remember up and to the left.


This is perhaps the most effective of the eye movements, If someone is asked to "try and imagine a really loud sound in there head, like really heavy rock music or something" then they will just look to there right, not up or down. This can be useful to find out if someone is lying for example if a mum asks there child after they have been to the doctor alone (strange cicrcumstances but role with it) "What did the doctor say about your cough?" and the child replies while looking to there right,"He said it is most likely a virus and that I should stay off for a few days until I get better." He is propably lying.


If someone looks up to there left then they are not lying, this is visual rememberance for example if you ask someone to describe what there"first toy looked like" (they probably wont remember, just an example) but they will look to there top left.


If you ask someone to remember what someone said and they look directly to there left, then there most likely not lying e.g. Youre at work and your boss says "What did John in accounting say about this?" and you have some problems remebring it is most likely that you will look to the left"
P.S After reading this article it is likely that you will be more self concise of your actions, so it is likely that you will not look to the left, but trust people do it when they're not aware of this information.

If someone looks down and to the right then they are likely to be recalling a feeling of some kind, for example if someone says to you," Do you recall how you felt when you were at one of your relatives funerals?" (bit deppresing, but role with it) It is likely that you will look down and to the right.


If someone is talking to themselves internally, they will look down and to the left

I'm sure that you have though of ways of using this information now, but do not take that if someone is looking in that specific direction that they are always lying, this method can have no effect on certian people and it is only through a large amount of knowledge about that person that you can ell if the information is relevant, also if the person is left handed not right handed it is possible that all of the eye directions will be completely reversed. For more information on this read Frogs into Princes, it is very useful and interesting.

Step 2

Lying Verbally

This is the tricky part because it can vary depending on who you are lying to and your own personality, but here are some very effective tips on how to lie regardless:

1. Remain aware of your arms and hands when you are lying,do not try and cover your eyes with your hands, or hold your head in your hands as this is a direct sign of a liar. Try and keep your hands visible, do not keep them in your pockets. Most of all to show that youre not lying keep one hand on your heart,lol.

2. Do not lengthen words unecessiraly for emphasis e.g. remain with wouldn't rather then would not, this is a direct sign of a liar. Here is an example, a teacher says "Who wrote that rude word on the black board about me?" and he asks one boy and he replies,"It wasn't me sir I wouldn't do that" and then he asks another boy and he says "It was not me sir I would not do that" . It is most likely the second boy who is lying.

3.Maintain eye contact, do not stray your eyes all about the room, we have discussed this above. Also do not under any circumstance move stuff in front of you when you are talking to someone it is a massive sign that you are lying or insecure e.g. You are in school once again and the teacher asks you have you done your homework and while your lying your way out of it, your moving your folder on the desk so that it is positioned in front of you(If you are pretending to look for the work then thats an exception.)

4.Do not contradict yourself when lying this can be a major disaster. You know what I mean by this.

5.Think out the lie before saying it, if you are really obsessed then you will practice saying it,the worst thing to happen is just to give up half way through a lie it can be a complete nightmare.

All in all if you wish to lie this will help you, but what I would suggest is DONT LIE it doesnt help you in the long run and people will develop negative oppinions of you, the boy who cried wolf will apply. To only speak the truth is better, because even if you have e.g. forgot to do your'e homework it can be better to face the consequenes rather then lie your way out of it, it helps to build character.

The information from this I have gained from a number of sources including helpful websites but most of all I have gained this info from books such as Frogs into Princes and personal experice so to all these people thank you.

Tips & Warnings

If you wish to contact me feel free, add any comments you wish and remember lie in moderation or better yet dont.