Bad body odor can be offensive

Body odor is embarrassing to the person who has it and it is offensive to those around them. While it may seem that you are taking steps to get rid of body odor, the truth is that most people do not realize when they are doing something that triggers it and therefore getting rid of it seems almost like it is not even worth trying. You can get rid of the bad smell, but you may have not tried the right solution yet. Here are some tips that will help you get rid of BO and understand where it is coming from.

Take A Bath

The easiest way to get rid of a bad smell on a person is the one that most people think of first, and that is taking a bath. You also need to make sure that you are using the better soaps or gel so that you smell fresh and clean after the shower. While taking a shower may seem like the obvious answer some people do so every couple of days or they do not use the right cleaning agents. If you simply rinse with water fast, then you will not get the smell off you. You can rinse by using only water but you have to get everything so be thorough. It is necessary to spend some time in the shower to make sure that everything is clean. You can use shampoo instead of soap if you do not feel comfortable using just water in your shower.


Deodorant is not always the answer

You should also use deodorant, but when you are trying to get rid of the smell you will want to cut down its use. To most people, that statement makes no sense but the truth is that the smell is not caused by your sweat, but by bacteria that live in it and the excrement they produce. When you apply deodorant you are helping the bacteria feed and therefore produce more of the smelly stuff. Try to wash your armpits with plenty of water and avoid deodorant for a month. The smell should go away by then. If you sweat a lot then use antiperspirants but try to limit the amount that you use and wear darker clothing to hide the sweating if necessary.

Your Clothes

The problem may not even be on your body, but instead it could be coming from the clothing you wear. It is important to always change clothes daily when you are trying to get rid of body odor. You should not wear your undergarments more than a day and that may also include bras if you sweat a lot. If you get dirty through the day then you may have to change clothes even more often, especially your socks and your shoes in hot weather or while performing a physical activity. A bandana is a great idea for people who sweat a lot so take one with you if you plan on doing physical activities.

You should also keep your clothes in a dry place where they can get some air. Another good trick is to use scented paper in the drawers as lining. You should test the aroma on the scented paper because in a drawer it can get a little strong. Scented paper has two functions when you use it to store clothes and that is to give them a good smell and to dry the area and kill bacteria that could in some cases live in there.

You Are What You Eat

Garlic causes BO

Your diet also influences the way that you smell so you may need to make a few changes. One of the best examples of things that give people problems is garlic. Garlic is great to give flavor to food, but if you use too much of it then can cause a bad body odor. You do not have to cut garlic from your diet, but it is a good idea to stop using it for at least a month. After that you may want to limit intake instead of having it in large quantities with every meal.

Other temporary changes to your diet include staying away from fried foods and unhealthy meals. Some experts believe that some of the bad smell you get is from the wasted materials from meals not used by your body. Try to change your diet to a more healthy option which includes less fast food, less processed foods and chemicals and more meals made with fresh ingredients at home

No Smoking

If you needed another reason to quit smoking then think of the fact that you may get rid of body odor by putting down the cigarettes. It is no secret that the cigarette smell can cling to your clothes, but if you want to get a bit deeper, then understand that it also has an impact on your regulatory systems which would otherwise allow you to have a normal smell. There are ways to quit smoking if you really want to do it, and the way you smell is just another reason to do so.

Smoking can be the cause

Floss And Brush Your Teeth

A lot of times the smell that offends others comes from the mouth. Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth and floss at least two times each day. In some cases more brushing is necessary depending on the meals that you are consuming. Most gum only hides the bad breath, and you need to take care of the source. It is a good idea to carry a mouth wash bottle with you when you want to go out and eat some of the problem foods.

Talk To Your Doctor

If everything else fails then you need to visit your doctor. There are several conditions which can affect the way you smell and some are serious. Some of the medical conditions which can cause bad body odor include diabetes, Bromhidrosis, inflammations, and nutrition changes. Your doctor may do a few tests to check for a hidden cause to your condition and will have prescription strength solutions if that is in fact what you need. Remember that bad body odor is not normal so finding the cause of the problem is the first step for getting the right treatment.

You may need a prescriptionCredit: Paul Bradbury