Why you should monitor your blood pressure

As blood pressure checkyou probably already know, your blood pressure reading consists of two numbers. The top number indicates your systolic pressure (when your heart is pumping blood through your arterial system) and the bottom number indicates your diastolic pressure (when your heart is at rest).

There is little argument that the ideal blood pressure reading for most people is 120 systolic over 80 diastolic. While some doctors will place more emphasis on the diastolic reading, medical research indicates that both indicators are important to overall good health.

High blood pressure (commonly referred to as hypertension), simply means that the pressure being exerted by your heart is higher than what is considered normal.  The reason for concern lies in the fact that the primary purpose of this pumping action is to supply oxygenated blood to all of the living cells in your body.


blood pressure diagram


After your blood has been oxygenated by your lungs, the blood is pumped throughout your entire body and this procedure is what keeps you alive and well. If this process is interrupted, cells within your vital organs will begin to deteriorate and the disease process begins. This is why your doctor checks blood pressure at the beginning of every appointment.

Buy your own personal Blood Pressure Monitor

If you already know you have high blood pressure I would highly recommend that you get a blood pressure monitor. They are very affordable and they can be beneficial in the event that you have or begin to have an abnormal fluctuation in pressure.

For example, if you know about a blood pressure fluctuation and the time of day the fluctuation happens most often, this information can be helpful to your doctor in establishing a diagnosis and helping you determine any lifestyle change you should make or what medication, if any, might be necessary to regulate your blood pressure.Omron BP monitor

Unfortunately, in many cases, the cause of high blood pressure in many people is never isolated. It is for this reason that much medical research continues as to the causation of abnormal blood pressure. Only about five percent of the people who are diagnosed with hypertension have a recognizable condition that can be pin pointed as a cause.

Cases where the cause is undetectable are referred to as secondary hypertension. Some people with secondary hypertension turn to nutritional supplements to control the condition but seldom are these cases ever monitored or recorded in medical literature.

On the other hand, many people with either primary or secondary hypertension have visible or habitual causes that can be easily recognized and corrected with certain lifestyle changes. People who fall into this category would include those who are overweight and those who do not get enough exercise.

Also included in this category are people who smoke, ingest too much salt, and drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Stress is another factor that can sometimes be alleviated. Kidney disorders and thyroid disease are medical factors that can cause hypertension as well. The factors that are most difficult, if not impossible to control are family history and age.

Lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements

Under normal conditions you would never know if your blood pressure is high or not and that is precisely why hypertension is called “the silent killer”. Again, if you have or suspect you have a problem with high blood pressure, you should get a blood pressure monitor.

With a monitor you can take multiple readings at various times of the day and/or different days of the week. Readings will vary anyway and the most important thing is to determine an average reading. Always write down each reading so that you will be able to compute an accurate weekly or daily average.

Bottom line, while lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements such as Coenzyme Q10 may help you control hypertension, do not skip a trip to your doctor who might have additional suggestions on how to control your blood pressure. It is important that you include your doctor in anything you do because if your high blood pressure is not controlled in a proper manner you could incur a more serious problem that could lead to a heart attack, stroke, brain hemorrhage, kidney disease, or vision loss.