Investing in real estate and rental properties is one of the best ways to increase your wealth and assets drastically. Real estate has been one of the top investing tools the rich and wealthy have used to get even richer and protect their wealth. Finding the best real estate opportunities that will bring you plenty of monthly cash flow and wealth requires skill and seeking out the best opportunities. Read on to learn how to locate and buy the best real estate investments poss

 The first place to start when looking for real estate properties is in your newspaper. You can probably find just about all of the real estate properties for sale by looking in the Classified Ads section and find a list of reputable real estate agents who will be of great help in your quest to find great real estate acquisitions.

Another great idea is to ask all of your family and friends about any properties they may know of that are up for sale. If they don't know at the time then ask them if they can keep on the lookout for any potential  properties that they think you may be interested. You will be surprised at how many potential properties you can find just by using this method. Your friend or family member end up turning you on to a house that may be a steal for you and can make you a lot of money in the future.

Check out real estate guides that are found in various places like businesses or in news stands at shopping complexes or throughout downtown of where you live.These books tend to list all of the properties that are for sale around your area and can also be of great help to you. If you don't have any luck with this, then visit your local court house and/or sheriff's office. They keep records of properties and land that have been foreclosed on or repossessed and would have all of the contact information and price for the properties listed.

Most of the time you just have to go out and look for yourself. You are bound to see many properties just by driving around town and through neighborhoods you usually don't travel through. When looking at potential properties, look at things like how well kept the neighborhood is, or if there is a lot of traffic coming through where the investment property is, or where it is located at in relation to grocery and shopping stores and restaurants. These things are important factors in determining how much money you could make off of the property and what problems might arrise when it comes time to sell the property.

Lastly, look for real estate that may be located near colleges. These types of properties tend to do well because you can always rent them out to college students for profit.

In conclusion, I hope these tips help you locate potential real estate properties that will have your pockets lined with cash. Good Luck!