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The ways we register for an account or log in to many websites has recently become a lot easier.We can now open accounts with open id and social accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, this has taken a lot of pain out of remembering various account details such as user names and passwords.However the same is not true for Email accounts, and many Internet users now have Email services with all the top providers including Yahoo and Google.You can make life easier for yourself by connecting your Yahoo, Google accounts to just one set of log in details.

To make this process much easier you add your Gmail details to Yahoo as a second Email and in future actually log in to Yahoo using your Google user name and password.In fact you can use the same format to connect multiple Yahoo accounts or accounts for connecting Hotmail and AOL with Yahoo.The main benefit is only having to use one set of details for your Email accounts.With so many websites, usernames and passwords built up over time the more sites accessible with one set of details the better.

Connecting Yahoo Mail And Google Gmail The Steps

1. Go to the Yahoo home page - Log in with your Yahoo Account details

2, Click Account Information - You may need to click the drop down menu beside your user name in the top menu to access this option.

3. Re Enter your Password - Yahoo require you to enter your password again before accessing the account information.

4. Yahoo Account Information Page - You are now on your account info page click 'Update your contact information'

5. Add a secondary Email - Your primary Email in your Yahoo account is obviously your Yahoo Email and this is displayed at the top of the page.Click The 'Add Email' option below this to open the field to add your Gmail.

6. Add Your Gmail Details - Simply add your Gmail address and scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

7. Finally Verify Your Gmail Account - Yahoo will send a confirmation Email to the Gmail account you just entered, once you click the link in your Gmail you have completed the process.

What have you Just done ?

You have now connected your Yahoo and Gmail accounts, when you next go to Yahoo you can log in to your Yahoo account with your Gmail address and password.

If you ever have trouble with your Yahoo account you can connect with support or confirm your identity via your Gmail account.

Did you know you can use Facebook from within your Gmail account ? And yes you can also have full access to your Twitter account without leaving Gmail.

All making your online time more fun and productive !