As a part of life in western societies,we are always trying to look better and enhance our look. We woman are constantly obsessing about improving our appearance as this has become sort of a habit. As this is usually view as a positive aspect, this can often put a financial strain on us and literally drain our bank accounts. Along with our desire to “spice” up, we must pay attention to our budgets and not go over aboard.

So how can we enhance our beauty without going broke? Well, there are a lot of different advice out there, here are some main beauty tips varying in price range and money savings.

Creating Your Own Beauty Products

Creams, lotions, oils, face masks, body scrubs, special soaps, different solutions and more. These products do not come cheap. At all. We all like to pamper ourselves with as every body part has its own products, our feet, hand, face, hair and body. This can run up your living costs a substantial amount. So, instead of spending hundreds of dollars, why not make you own beauty products?

Homemade beauty products are mostly from natural ingredients you can usually find in the kitchen. The plus is that most conventional skin care products are made with chemicals and by making your own you know exactly what is being put on your skin. Different recipes for skin products can be found on the web as some of the most common ingredients are salt, different kinds of oil and avocado.

There is also the advantage of the “green aspect”: the fact that that you are helping our planet as you are saving the resources, the packaging of the products, as well as the waste of empty containers. It is a win-win situation.

Hair Extensions

We spend so much time on our hair, straightening it, dying it, blow drying, shampooing, conditioning and more. It obviously means a lot to us and we always try to make it look better as great-looking hair boosts an individual’s self-confidence. Well you do not need to wait to grow hair or spend a fortune on maintaining it. Hair extensions is a great method to enhance your look and keep a low budget.

Human hair extensions are fairly cheap and make a big difference. There are two types of extensions: the clip-on type and the extension that is braided or glued. The most common extensions are 18 inches long, as experts recommend that average-height women should use 22 inches long extensions or less.

When inquiring about the use of human hair extensions at your hair salon, make sure it looks healthy and of quality (tangle-free, doesn't break easily).

Natural Beauty

There are also the beauty methods which do not cost a dime as woman can follow them without putting a burden on the bank account. The main issue here is altering your way of life to improve your natural looks, as there are a few points to account for.

Food and fatigue have an enormous affect on the way we look. Once you aren't getting enough rest or sleep, there are few beauty products that will be able to cover that up. And regarding what you eat, it is obvious that if you eat to much you will gain weight, but the manner of “how you eat” is also crucial.

You should try to watch these factors in your everyday life:

Getting Enough Sleep – Every person needs a different amount for their body and you do not want to get to much sleep (yes, this does exist). The right amount will lead to you feeling fresher.
Getting Enough Calories- A state of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar can often effect you and sometimes people need a little spark. Fruit or protein can do the trick. It may be recommended to eat more meals, but smaller, thus keeping you fresher and less sleepier in the afternoon.
Drink Water - Dehydration is the most common cause of why people get sleepy during the day. When you start feeling drowsy, drink a glass of water and repeat this until you do aren't tired anymore. Everyone is different.
Watch What You Eat – A heavy meal can make you sleepy, as well as eating wheat or gluten. Watch the content of you food.

Medical Tourism - Cheap Cosmetic Surgery

Given this is the complete opposite of “natural beauty”, but this is still a cheaper way to improve your looks.

Plastic surgery can be very expensive, depending on which particular surgery you are interested in. The most 5 common procedures done today are: breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck. However, basically every organ in the body can be “worked on” including the buttocks, forehead, cheekbones, stomach, chest, neck, chin and more. Be sure that whatever you do not like about yourself, can be fixed.

But every fixing has its price. Surgery can often reach tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what kind of surgery you want to have done. Well, there is a way to undergo plastic surgery for half the price and it's called 'Medical Tourism'.

Many patients are already taking advantage of the phenomena, flying across national borders to undergo all kind of medical surgeries (including cosmetic) for a substantially lower price without compromising on the quality of care. Hospitals around the world are offering American standard medical facilities (JCI accredited) with third world prices.

Countries offering a wide variety of plastic surgeries are Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, India, Thailand, Malaysia and more. If you are interested in plastic surgery for lower prices, give it a look. You can even combine the surgery with a enjoyable vacation afterward.

Here is a link to medical centers in Costa Rica, in which you can undergo Pplastic surgery: Hospitals in Costa Rica

So there you have it. Four methods of saving money and improving your look. And if this isn't enough, you can always save up.