How To Look Good

It's easy, really. You just have to keep in mind these three factors:

  • The fit of your clothes
  • The occasion
  • Does it make you look and feel good?

Okay, let's get started.

The Fit of Your Clothes

Your clothing's sole purpose is to make your body flattering. So let's go over body types. We have,

the hourglass figure (equally proportioned)

the boyish figure (small hips and bust)

the round figure (large hips and bust)

the pear figure (small on top, big on bottom)

For the hourglass figure:

Almost everything will look good on you! But here are some definite winners:

Skinny jeans: when done tastefully, these are sure to be a hit!

Flowy top: the top the is tight near the bust, then flows out. This, paired with skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt, always looks very nice and lovely.

Pencil skirt: This emphasizes your hips. A button down collar shirt, tucked in and paired with a thin, brightly colored belt, is sure to wow.

For the boyish figure:

Your goal is to make curves, which involves using illusions. This isn't at all complicated, so let's get started!

Bootcut jeans: These make a flattering illusion, flaring out at the bottom looks nice, too.

Patterned shirts: This one is a bit tricky. Stay away from vertical stripes. Stick with horizontal. Flowers are always good, but not too, too loud! Or, geometric shapes (circles, squares, whatever), work well. Never ever wear a shirt with a low v neck. Ever.

Dresses: The dress that has the strange (but cute) shoulder straps are the ones for you. Chances is, you have delicate shoulders, so you want to draw people's attention to that. Whether the straps tie around your neck, or have a large flower pinned to them. The skirt should flow out, length depends on your age.

The round figure:

You have to emphasize your curves, yet, downplay them too. This is how -- .

Bellbottoms: I'm sure you've noticed that these are slowly but surely making a comeback. They show off your hips, then flare out (more dramatically then the boot cut), making you appear slimmer in the legs. But no bleach died jeans. Those are not cool, not ever -- .

V-Necks: You have been blessed with a bust, so show it off! But not too much. Depending on the occasion, a nice v-neck, whether plain or colorful, when paired with some cool necklace, is score to win some compliments!

Pencil Skirts: Because of your hips, a pencil skirt is good. You can basically do what an hourglass figure can do!

For the pear-shaped figure:

You might think it's impossible to look flattering, but you are wrong -- .

Skinny jeans: Yes, you can rock these! When paired with a flowy top, with a pattern that makes your bust look a bit fuller, this really works! Or, bootcut is good too!

Shirts: Stay away from the v-necks, and the deep plunge shirts. Bright colored shirts are right for you. Hey, basically just take a few pages from the boy-shaped body type book, and the round figure's book, and match them together. But, so you won't feel lazy, I'll continue -- .

Dresses: A dress that is a bit snug at the bust, and then flares out dramatically, is good. It helps if the upper part, above the flare, is a darker or different color from the lower part, the flaring out part.

Okay! That was easy! Next, let's talk about -- .

The Occasion:

There are three styles:

  • Formal
  • Semi-Formal
  • Casual

For Formal, that is fancy! No jeans! Strictly dressy things! Not even dressy pants. So, a nice dress, heels (or wedges), or fancy sandals, and jewelry (not costume-y or gaudy) should suffice. Dinner parties, special occasion like christenings, weddings, and such are good examples of formal attire events.

For Semi-Formal, you are allowed to break out the dressy pants. When paired with a nice jacket and tasteful jewelry, this is a smashing hit. Semi Formal occasion include business meetings, meeting with your kids' teacher/principal, etc. A skirt is a nice substitute for the pants. Keep in mind that the heel shouldn't exceed two inches.

For Casual, you can wear jeans, nice shirts, etc. But casual does not translate into sloppy. That means, no ripped up jeans, and no dirty, stained t-shirts. Examples of occasions that would be casual are lunch with friends, going to the movies, the park, the mall, etc. Easy, right?

Lastly, let's discuss if your clothes make you happy....

Does It Make You Look And Feel Good?
Clothes are like the Superbowl for women. They're purpose, like I mentioned before, is to make you look and feel good. They should flatter you, without making you look cheap and trashy (remember, be age appropriate, not too old, not too young!). So, look in the mirror. Do you say, 'Oh my God...' or 'Oh my God! I look fantastic!'. We want to achieve the second reaction. Okay? Now, go off into the world, find some awesome clothes, pair them into fabulous outfits, and show the world what an awesome fashionista you are!