The Natural Way To Look Good

Everyone is pressured to look good, but no one is told how to! Society tells us how we should look like, and it can be stressful when you try to follow the “standards” of appearance. No one is told how to do it safely with the concern of our health. In fact, we are told to get surgery done, spend thousands on products and even lose weight through eating only one food group.

All of these might seem to work, but they are too good to be true.


We want to look good and we want it now. No one wants to wait years, there’s no time. We need something that can happen within minutes or days. If you started just a month ago, you could have made a huge difference. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on products and promises that has outrageous claims of being the best thing ever, you could have done it for free and with even better results.

No one wants you to know the free ways of looking good. The marketers and companies need your money and they need it more than ever. If the truth was to be spilled, hundreds of companies would lose a lot of money.

How to look good


Nothing helps your body become more efficient than exercise. Exercise maintains the health of your body and protects it from any diseases and cancers. It lowers the risk of every illness and it keeps you strong and agile. If you want to stay strong, then you should exercise so you don’t become fragile as you become older. Also the quality of your life will be increased by so much. It also reduces depression and promotes the release of endorphins.


Cold Showers:

When you shower with hot water, you dry your skin and you leave your pores open for bacteria. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy hot showers, but you should take advantage of both worlds and try it with cold water. fbdfThink about the freezer, when you freeze food, you keep it nearly the way it was when you bought it right? When you shower with cold water, you keep the “freshness” of your skin. You’ll notice more softness, and you’ll get it without the need of products and cosmetics.


The common saying goes “You are what you eat” and it’s true. What you eat is what you’ll look more like. So if you drink more water than sodas and artificial juices, you’ll find your skin becoming more healthy and young-looking. As you stay consistent with your water intake, you’ll start to notice more good things happening with your body. Water helps keep your skin moisturized and the body functioning.


Dehydration will cause at least 10% decrease in mental and physical performance. You should never go anywhere without water. Invest in a water bottle or stay near a water source if possible. You’ll notice changes sooner or later. Make sure you get a variety of foods throughout your week. You should have carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Keep away from artificial flavors and ingredients as your body isn’t designed to eat them.

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Have you ever mentioned to someone who they look like they haven’t slept one bit? It sure doesn’t look pretty and losing sleep will promote this look. If you lose quality of your sleep, you’ll decrease many functions of your body.

You need rest to grow and recover. You should know that babies sleep for many hours for a good reason, because they’re growing fast! You need to do the same, maybe not grow but recover. You need rest to refresh your body.fgdfg

Even a bit of a nap can go a long way in helping you performing better in your day-to-day activities. A quick 10 minute nap promotes more creativity and clear thinking. Some companies like ….? Have beds where employees are allowed to take a quick nap. 

Looking good and staying young shouldn’t cost a penny. So start today for a life long change that will start as soon as you let it. Stay healthy and look good now!

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