Want to look Sexy in Plus Size Swimwear? Want to feel good inside and out?

You can!

The first thing you have to remember, is to forget about the size tag, do NOT obsess over the size tag of your swimwear. The size is just to give you a ball park on which ones to take into the fitting room! You can even cut the tag off when you take it home. If it fits well, no one needs to know what size it is.



Swim and Have Fun

You want to be able to swim, and have fun, and that is the important part, to feel good. Designers have finally started to realize that we are not all size 2, and that research has shown, that over 65% of North American women are considered "plus size", which is considered anything over a size 14. So, many retail stores are responding to the demand of nice looking, chic and trendy plus size swimwear.

Tummy Control and Fits Well for a Sexy Look


Well designers, also manufacture their swim wear, in slightly different sizes. So, don't get stuck on the size tag. There is no point in squeezing into a size 16 if you need a 18 or 20, just so that you can say "I can wear a size 16" You will not look sexy, and you will definitely not feel sexy, if you are tugging at all the seams that are digging in, and not standing tall. Breathing is not suppose to be an option! You are suppose to breathe and be able to move around freely and actually swim. You will actually look heavier and bulkier than you really are, if you wear a suit that is too small for your frame.

Find a style that you like, and work with it. Take your measurements and have them stashed in your purse, and make sure to wear simple easy to take on and off clothes on the day you go shopping for swimwear. There are so many designer styles and chic and trendy looking plus size bathing suits, that will suit your tastes and body shape. Allow lots of time for shopping, and bring a friend.

Now take a good look at yourself, and pin point areas that you are not comfortable showing. For example, if you are self conscious of your thighs, then pick one with a skirt bottom. Also make sure that the straps are not digging in your shoulders, this will stop you from standing tall, and you will end up slouching and will not look your best.

Once you have found a bathing suit that feels good, you will stand taller, and you will feel good about yourself, and you will feel and look sexy. Feeling and looking sexy is a mind set. If you feel good about a good fitting suit, you won't be afraid to walk by the pool, and with so many styles of plus size bathing suits out there now, you will need a day at least, to try them all on.

Gone are the days, of the big flower baggy bathing suits, that were on that rack in the back of the store for the plus size girl.. now there are racks of styles as designers try to create nice sexy looking plus size swimwear.

So no more sitting at the back end of the patio at that next pool party, hiding under a tent style cover up. So, don't be scared to try some on, you may be surprised, and want to buy 2 or 3! Have your credit card ready and find that perfect bathing suit.  There are so many styles now and tricks to look slimmer.  

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