You are heading to the prom after working so hard in school, but just what type of plus size prom dress will make you look hot this year? What will make you look your best and feel great?

There are so many beautiful dresses out there to choose from, but just like our bodies they are all different and certain styles work for certain body types.  If you are considered a plus size girl (which is size 14 and up) then you need to pay attention to the dress that fits best for your curves and do not focus on the size tag!

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This is a beautiful color

Prom Dresses for Plus Size Girls

Designers have come a long way and have designed some really cool and chic styles to fit any size, whether you are a size 2 or a 20.  They did not simply make the dress bigger they have actually designed dresses that work best for a curvy girl.  You can find a really cool dress that shows off all your good bits and glides over some of the ones you want to hide if you just pay attention to the style of the dress. 

It is just a matter of finding the right style for your body type. If you carry some of your weight in your waist, belly or hips for example, then you may want to look at the empire waist style where the waistline is just under your bust line.

This way the dress simply glides over those areas and because the fabric flows without clinging anywhere it actually makes you look taller and slimmer.  Pair this up with nice heels and you will look stunning! This dress is nice too if you prefer to have straps.  Add some nice bling around your neck and all eyes will be focused up top rather than your middle.

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This will create the wow factor!

Hiding Some Curves

If you are proud of your bust and neckline and maybe carry some of your weight in your thighs then you would look great in a strapless dress that flares out and doesn’t cling to your thighs or hips. 

This dress can be found in many different colours and would really make a statement.  All you would need to wear is a strapless bra and lots of bling.  This dress will also accent a waistline if you get it in the right size.

The trick is to get the right size.  Don’t get one smaller just so you can say you wear a size smaller, because all that will happen, is that you won’t be able to breathe or move properly with the dress bunching up.

If the dress bunches up or catches on areas of your body simply because it is too tight it will actually make you look bigger because the eye is drawn to that area where it is clinging.  The trick is to draw the eye to your best parts and not to the ones you want to hide or disguise.

We are all beautiful, we just want to Accent the Best Bits!

Maybe your friend looks great in one style, but it may not be the right style for you.  So, shopping online is a great way to see many great styles, different hem lengths and different waist lines.

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the peasant style is back.

Long Maxi Prom Dress

If you want to hide your legs, then you could go for a longer style of dress, as maxi dresses are hot this year.  If you get one with the right fabrics it will flow from your waist and over your hips and legs and you will look awesome!

There are many pretty styles of maxi dresses that would work great for prom night with the right shoes and bling.  If you want to hide your legs then don’t get a dress with clingy fabric.

This style of maxi dress will flatter your curves and glide over the others.  It has a ruffle at the neckline for added interest.

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the skirt part flows nicely.

Showing Off Your Calves and Ankles in a Handkerchief hem

If you are quite proud of your legs especially your calves and ankles then get a dress that goes below the knees with an uneven hemline and it will simply flow over your hips and thighs.  So if you are trying to hide your hips and thighs but don’t want to cover all your legs then this dress would flow nicely.

It also has a higher waistline so it can also glide over your belly area if you get the right size.  This does have a plunging neckline that could accent your bust line and if you add some bling around your neck you will look great and will be able to move freely and enjoy the evening.

Plus Size Prom Dresses Under 100 Dollars

The above dresses at present are listed for under 100 dollars and makes them an affordable option for your prom this year.  You can look awesome without breaking the bank if you start shopping early so as to afford disappointment and any rush.

If you get a dress you really like, then think of other places you could wear it after, such as to weddings or special occasions.  If you can get more than one outing from a dress then this can help with your budget.

Do Not Focus on the Size Tag

Don’t get hung up on the numbers, get a dress that fits right now.  Don’t get one too small thinking you will lose weight or work your way into it, because we never lose weight from the spots you think!  So, get one that fits right now, get one that makes you look slimmer because it accents your good bits and glides over the others.

Don’t get hung up on the styles your friends or other girls are wearing.  Find one that works for your body type and you will feel good and stand tall and totally enjoy your night.  Remember you worked hard to be able to go to prom, don’t wear a dress that is too tight or the wrong style for you.  Show off your best bits in a plus size prom dress that fits!