Without a doubt, it is extremely hard for people, particularly women to loose belly fat (or lose belly fat) around the abdominal section. Many people fail to realize that most weight around the middle can be attributed to increased cortisol levels in the body-often linked to stress. This article will illustrate how to loose belly fat by slight changes in behavior and shifts in perception about body abdominal weight. Reduction of stress is key, as is getting the body in some form of enjoyable and consistent movement. But more importantly is the concept of how you view your body, thinking does in fact make it so-and of course your body takes clues on how to be from the way you see it and as a result treat it.

Step One:

Work on eliminating or reducing your life of stress. When weight settles disproportionately around the mid section, it’s because there are raised cortisol levels in the body. The hormone, cortisol is released in the blood, when the body feels stressed. Many doctors however have suggested that there is no real one to one relationship between stress and weight, however most will attest to a link, if only an indirect one. Researchers are now starting to speculate in fact there is some indication that high cortisol levels in the body may be related to poor bone density and health.

Step Two:

Take a positive approach about your body and about “eliminating” weight around your midsection. Don’t think of weight in terms of the need to loose belly fat or losing belly fat. Think in terms of “eliminating abdominal weight”. Metaphysicians will tell you that that in which you lose has a tendency to want to be found. If it sounds weird, consider making this important shift in thought-because old ways of thinking has caused your present body condition today.

Step Three:

As you begin to manage the level of stress in your life and to think positively about “eliminating” the weight, there is a high likelihood that eating the comfort foods as a result of stress will go down. As you manage stress you’ll begin to see positive changes and not have the same cravings for things well known to cause abdominal fat, like white sugars, pastas etc., all the things well known to give us that “feel good high”. Be vigilant about finding things that cause you to move your body more, which give you joy and feel less like work and more like play.

Step Four:

Drink Water (8-10 glasses a day). You’ve heard it time and time again. But water removes toxins from our bodies; it gives us the feeling of being full and creates a feeling of well being. Most times when we crave sugars and pastas, we are in fact stressed, but more importantly we are usually dehydrated and our body is signaling us for the need to quench a liquid thirst not for food.

Also make sure you know how cinnamon and blood sugar are linked.