Looking to lose weight is one of the most searched items on the Internet. I will currently show you how in only tem minutes, you will see a definitive weight change. Please take this workout to heart, because if properly used it will lead to weight loss and better self-esteem.

With this 10-minute exercise routine you can burn up to 150 calories every single day.

The first 120 seconds: Jump Roping – Start by holding the jump rope on the bottom of your feet. Start slowly and pick up your speed continually. We need to make sure you are sweating profusely and your heart rate is being checked during the exercise. If you are a female with bigger chest a proper sports bra is recommended. Continue Jump Roping for the whole 120 seconds.

Second set of 120 seconds: Push-ups will be the main exercise for this round. We will ask for consistence exercise during this period. For females please try as a man would with feet on floor and knees up. If you cannot do this put knees on the ground and continue. We are looking for the burning sensation in the arms and chest. Keep pushing out the exercise and if you cannot please push your self up and hold your self there to rest.

Third set of 120 seconds: We are now back to jump roping. Make sure you are not taking breaks between sets. We are looking for your heart rate to go up and that will lead to a higher metabolism. Keep jump roping for the next two minutes. If you need to, stop walk around with your hands above your head to help breathing flow.

Forth set of 120 seconds: You are now feeling the burning sensation. We will continue the exercises on the ground with crunches or sit-ups. As with crunches you will need to get your shoulder blades and neck of the ground. We are looking for hands at the temples and knees at a 90-degree angle. Lift your body off the ground and slowly back down. Keep track on how many you have down. Make sure you pick up the pace and have your heart rate up there. Trying to do sit-ups can be harder if you are currently 100 pounds over weight. If you can do the sit ups please don't drop your body on the ground, but lower slowly down and feeling the pulling.

The last and final 120-second will be the hardest. We will be doing up and downs. The proper up and down can be down by throwing yourself controlled down on the ground. While down there throw your feet under your self and get back on your feet. By continuing doing this exercise will help you to burn the extra calories you need to lose. If you cannot lift your self fast off the ground try slower. We have currently burned approximately 150-200 calories. Make sure that you do not stop working out during this final phase. You will feel tired but the endorphins that will be released will be worth it.

If you can follow by this work out twice a day you may be able to lose the extra weight that you have been looking to lose. As with all exercise routines make sure you have checked with your doctor before you attempt to start. Also proper hydration is a must.