Most people when wanting to lose weight, want to lose around 10 pounds. 10 lbs could be the different between looking fantastic in that new sexy dress or outfit or looking and feeling terrible in those bigger less flattering clothes. Most people want to lose weight and they want to lose it fast, this is definitely not the way you want to be doing it. Sure, 10 pounds is not a big amount of weight to lose, but nonetheless it still needs to be shifted slowly to ensure that the ten pounds that you lose is mostly fat and not lean muscle mass.

How To Lose 10 PoundsTo lose 10 lbs of body fat it is going to take you at least 4 to 5 wks. This is because you will be losing around 2 to 2.5 pounds every week, any more than this and you will be losing valuable lean muscle mass. Which is something that you definitely don't want to be doing. This is because the more muscle you carry on your body the more calories your body will burn. Which in turn will lead to an increase in fat loss.

As we age, we get fat because our lean muscle mass decreases, which leads to a slower metabolism which means our bodies need fewer calories each day to function. People continue to eat like they always do and they slowly put on weight. The way around this is through resistance training. Lift weights three times per week, eat a diet which is rich in complex carbs, protein and healthy fats and you will drastically cut out your chances of getting the dreaded middle age spread.

If you are wanting to lose 10 pounds in the quickest time possible, 4 to 5 wks is it. You can lose 10 pounds in one week if you but your mind to it, but this will only be achieved by starving yourself. Which is not only very silly, but is very dangerous to your health. Crash diets do not work, sure they wil allow you to quickly lose weight, but they will put your metabolic rate into survival mode. Meaning anything you eat when you return to normal eating will be quickly be turned into fat.

If you want to know how to lose 10 pounds the smart way, cut your daily calories intake by about 500 calories. Burn off another 500 calories through exercise. Which will give you a 1000 calories deficit every day. 3500 calories is equilavent to one pound, so by doing this everyday for a week you will have a 7000 calorie reduction which will result in a 2 pounds weight loss. Which if your eating and exercising correctly will all be body fat and not valuable muscle.

If you don't know were to start on how to lose those tens pounds, then I suggest that you do a bit of research online. So that you can find an exercise and diet program that is going to suit you. If you have got one hour to spare each day for exercise, then there is absolutely no reason why you can't quickly and easily shift those 10 unwanted pounds from your body.

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