Losing 10 lbs in 3 Days is Possible and You Can Do It Now!

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Here are some additional things you should consider when attempting to lose weight.

This is the method reputable and established agencies such as the Mayo Clinic and the Natioinal Institute of Health suggest that you approach your weightloss endeavors. Calculate how many calories you must lose by calorie reduction. Talk with your doctor about how many calories you can safely reduce in your daily diet. Calculate your new daily calorie requirement by subtracting 500 or 1000 calories from the total day's calorie intake. Reduce your calorie intake by 500 each day and lose 1 pound weekly. Reduce your calorie intake by 1000 each day and lose 2 pounds weekly. Combine calorie reduction with physical activity to lose the additional pounds. You will need to burn an extra 500 calories through exercise to get that extra pound weekly. A 1500 daily calorie reduction through diet and exercise should get you to your goal. Work closely with your doctor while attempting to lose this amount of weight. Don't be afraid to adjust your time frame in the interest of safety. ALWAYS be suspicious of any weight loss program that gives you a blanket calorie allotment. Calorie restrictions should really be done according to your current weight.  Be aware of any diet that asks you to drop below 12oo daily calories.


Calculate the amount of calories you must lose through exercise and design a plan that fits into your lifestyle. Incorporate walking, running and aerobic exercises into your daily routine. Join a gym or purchase a treadmill if you can afford to do so and exercise before or after work. Do not do unsupervised strenuous exercises without the consent of your doctor especially if you have any other medical or health conditions.

Cook your own meals at home so you can have more control over what goes into it. Baked fish and chicken always makes a delicious low-calorie meal. Take the skin off the chicken before you bake it to control the amount of fat. Have your protein with vegetable of your choice and or brown rice. Use fresh herbs such as thyme, sage and oregano instead of salt for flavor and to promote fat loss. Ask for nutrition information from the restaurant about your food choices when you do eat out. Carry a calorie-counting pocket guide such as "The Pocket Calorie Counter" by Suzanne Beilenson or "The Calorie Counter" by Karen J Nolan and Jo-Ann Heslin with you wherever you go.

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