The only thing better than dropping pounds of that ugly unwanted fat is doing it extremely fast! You will start seeing results within the first few days. You can do a search and turn up tons of diets that promise you will see results. Nothing wrong with these except they can take months and months to see the results your dying to see! Who wants to wait that long, when you can start seeing results in just days. This diet is called the Velocity Diet.

Now your probably wondering, how does this so called velocity diet work? Well let me explain, you will pretty much be on a liquid diet consisting entirely of protein shakes. The theory behind this is all the protein will keep your muscle from deteriorating. Therefore the weight you lose will be pure fat! Isn't that great? It will be extremely hard but the good news is it only lasts 4 weeks, and you can eat one solid homecooked meal a week to keep you from getting sick of protein shakes.

The pros of this diet are that you can expect to lose any where from 15 pounds to 25 pounds, and were taking fat loss here, now just water weight or anything else! Now the cons are that the diet is not very easy to follow, you shouldnt get hungry but it will take a lot of will power not to eat solid food, well other than your allowed one meal a week that is.

Things You Will Need

Low-carb protein powder, fish oil, benefiber or some kind of fiber supplement will work fine, an of course you will need a blender. For your one meal a week try to eat semi clean, but dont be afraid to eat something that you want or have been craving.

And of course will power and dedication!

This diet will provide real results guaranteed! Keep in mind though, as mentioned earlier. The velocity diet is not an easy diet to follow, stick with it though. Its only for a little while!

You can also team this diet up with a good fat burner to increase results.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure you take your fiber supplements and drink plenty of water which you should be doing anyway. Remember to keep working out at least 3 times per week.