If you have got arm, back or belly fat and if you want to learn how to lose fat from specific parts of your body I am here to dissapoint you, because fat loss cannot be localized. The number one reason why you have got back, arm or belly fat is not because you don't do enough crunches or biceps curls, it's not because you have got bad genes that lead to accumulation of fat in unwanted areas, but it's simply because your overall levels of body fat are too high.

Fat loss cannot be localized and it is impossible to lose body fat from specific parts of your body, unless of course you are planning to spend few thousand dollars on lipusoction. The only way to get rid of back, arm or belly fat is to focus on driving your overall levels of body fat down and it looks like a lot of people who are new to fitness fail to understand this.

Instead of stopping for a second and analysing what caused all of this unecessary weight gain, instead of focusing on simple things people immediately jump to complicated eating and training programs that are preached by the fitness gurus. The number one reason why your overall levels of body fat are too high is simply because of bad eating habits. Over years you gave your body way too much energy which came in a form of calories and now this excess energy is stored in a form of fat that accumulates in your back, arms or belly.

To start burning body fat. To get rid of back fat, to shape up your arms and to get rid of belly fat you will have to improve your eating habits and one of the best ways to get started is to simply analyse your current eating habits for a day or two to clearly understand where you are at the moment. Try to write down how many calories on average do you consume per day, how many fats, proteins and carbohydrates do eat and at the end of this little exercise you will have a clear picture of your usual eating habits.

The next step that you should take is to simply use one of the hundreds of caloric calculators available online to figure out your actually, daily energy needs. Once you will do this you will then have two different figures: one of the number of calories that you usually consume and the other of the number of calories that your body actually needs. 

At this point I am guessing that you consume way more calories than your body actually needs and the first natural step is to simply bring down your daily energy intake so it would match your actually energy needs and from then on gradually decrease your daily energy intake to create a caloric deficit.

Once you will consume less calories than your body actually needs, once you will create a caloric deficit you will force your body to look for alternative sources of energy and these are fats that are stored throughout your whole body.

Remember that there's no such thing as spot reduction. It's a big fat lie promoted by the fitness gurus and if you are serious about getting results that you want you need to start from the basics. Improve your eating habits and understand that fat loss is all about energy in and energy out. Focus on the basics, take baby steps and move one step a time.