We see this line all the time in magazines and all over the internet about burning belly fat for the summer. The problem is that our bodies are not created to work this way but people believe it because they see a model and think it must work since they look so good. Read on and find out why this is wrong and how to really look great for the summer months coming up.

That darn belly fat

People admit that belly fat is unattractive and have tried to find countless ways to reduce the ugly stuff located in their abdominal and stomach area. The problem with this thinking is our bodies are not made to spot reduce fat in certain areas. The first key to seeing yourself slim and looking beach ready for the summer is to stop believing the lies of reducing belly fat and start embracing the truth of general fat loss. My article here talks more in depth about this concept and how it's really done. Once this buzz word is eliminated and we understand hoBelly fatw our bodies work then we can begin the process of slimming down for the summer.

The reason why we accumulate so much belly fat during the year is because the belly area is the first place the body wants to put the fat it gains. The belly is far away from the general blood flow of the body so it isn't as active as say the arms and legs. Arms and legs are the first places of our bodies to slim down when we begin to tone up for the summer months. If you want to reduce your belly fat for the summer then you are going to have to work hard and push yourself towards general good fitness levels. You will lose fat in just about every single area before losing belly fat, but once the fat from those areas are gone the only place left is the one place you desire. Work hard and push yourself to the limit, and your body will get the message of your objective and start going into a ketosis state. Ketosis in its most basic form means a fat burning state, as the body will be using fat cells for energy. When people eat less carbs which is the body's first source of energy, the body turns to its next most desired source which is fat. This is why you want to be in ketosis as much as possible to belly fat is burned sooner rather than later.

Marketing genius

I hate to use the word genius because it's really not, but people buy into this lie about spot reducing and burning belly fat and they sell tremendous amounts of products that don't work, and magazines quoting "gurus" that don't know a thing about the body. When the late spring months like right now come along, magazine racks load up on new flashy covers of models who found ways to burn belly fat and slimmed down for the summer. The truth is these models were already slim and the fat they gained first (just like everyone else) wasmagazines in the stomach area first. This means that when they worked out the only fat they really had was in the belly area, thus it makes perfect sense how they "figured out" how to burn belly fat.

The ability for marketers to reach out to the masses with these ideas is astounding because it would make sense that if you are overweight you aren't getting a six pack before generally slimming down, but we believe the lie that if we do 200 crunches that we'll be sporting a six pack in a month. Please don't believe these lies, all they want is your money so they can sell more magazines and more "revolutionary" products that do nothing except slim down your wallet instead of your stomach. It's no lie that today we as a society are fatter than ever and people are turning more and more to miracle products like these to slim down. The reason why generations before us never needed these things is because they ate well and worked out instead of sitting around. A pill won't do you any good; choose instead to get active and eat clean!

Get a good workout

Getting a good workout with both weight lifting and cardio is the key step in slimming down for the summer months. You want to look good in a bathing suit or bikini, so start now and you will look great. Once you have your workout set in stone and you are following a good regiment then make sure you are eating well. 80% of our slimming process is done in the kitchen not on the treadmill. Eat vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and healthy snacks. Cut back on carbs to expedite the fat loss since as stated earlier the body looks to carbs first as a fuel source. Once that source runs dry your body turns to fat as a fuel source and that's exactly what your goal should be when getting beach ready and impress the ladies / guys. Keep to your workout and eating well with adequate protein intake for muscle repair and water intake for general health and wellbeing and you are on the fast track to looking fantastic for the months to come. Don't buy miracle drugs or products as they don't work no matter how many celebrities endorse it.

All in your mind

In the end the battle is in your mind. If you don't believe that you can do it then you won't, but if you push yourself and believe that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to you will see results quickly. Our bodies are extremely efficient and once you embark on this fitness journey you are going to be racing towards your better looking body and the ultimate goal of reduced belly fat. Work hard, eat clean, have a can do attitude and that is the recipe for success.