Are you currently asking yourself how to reduce abdominal fat the natural way and if green tea could possibly be the solution? The fact that herbal antioxidants are healthy is perhaps not news to you, but something you might not realize yet is that the green tea antioxidants will help you when you’re thinking how to lose weight naturally whilst really promoting your health at the same time. Research indicates that catechins (an antioxidant in green tea) helps in losing weight. Green leaf tea is actually so good for you in a wide variety of areas, not just fat loss, that you should start drinking it right now if you haven’t tried.

In the before described study conducted in England, more than 100 men and women, young and old, tried having 625 mg of catechins obtained from the tea, whilst a placebo group received 39 mg of caffeine which is also present in tea plant. Throughout the period, both groupings exercised consistently for optimum effect .

The results from the study was quite unbelievable. Individuals who had taken green tea both lost more weight and most essential of all, lost a lot more extra fat. The experts thus came to the conclusion that green tea will increase fat burning, and make sure you can get more out of your exercises.

Additional health and fitness benefits of green tea include bringing down cholesterol as well as an improvement in arterial function, a Chinese study in addition has shown that people who consume green tea has a 50% lower likelihood of stress-related symptoms.

Obtaining additional supply of green tea can be as simple as to begin drinking it on a regular basis, an alternative choice is nutritional supplements as well as diet pills where green tea ingredients have been put together with other effective weight loss supplements. Green tea can be consumed in several ways and it’s up to you to find what suits you best. As I suggest all-natural ways to lose weight by natural means I stick with the ordinary green tea or green tea extract that can help if you really want to consume substantial levels of catechin.

If you prefer to drink green tea, drink several cups a day so you get a constant way to obtain antioxidants, three or more cups a day is absolutely no exaggeration. Leave the tea in the cup at the least 4-5 minutes before drinking it so that the catechines will be released.

Try different teas, and not only those from the old common brand, it becomes more fun and tastier if you manage to find a new favorite. In conclusion it is no overstatement to state that green tea is an excellent component to include in your diet or weight loss program, whether it’s done by drinking tea or taking green tea extract pills.

When supplementing with green tea dieting does not has to be as hard as you may have thought. You may actually realize that you’ve found a drink that you’ll appreciate more than before. Try this today if you’re serious about losing weight naturally!