At the end of every weight loss journey nearly everyone encounters the exact same problems: they hit a plateau in which they can no longer lose weight. They will consistently be losing 1-2 pounds on a weekly basis and then suddenly they encounter a situation in which the number on the scale has not budged in over 3 weeks. At that point in time most people begin to think that their current weight is the lowest that their body will allow them to go because no matter how properly they follow their nutrition plan, they do not seem to lose any more weight. However, through both research and experience I have discovered ways to break the plateau and continue to lose weight. The techniques that are shown to you in this article can be useful for people who have hit a plateau and want to lose their last 5 or 6 pounds, as well as people who have hit that same plateau but want to continue to shed pounds to an even further weight loss goal of 15-20 pounds. The main idea: these techniques will break that plateau...Period!

There are 2 "tried, tested, and true" methods of breaking this plateau that deal specifically with nutrition. The main idea for both of these methods is to change and alternate the habits that you have formed over your weight loss journey; you will be trying to shock your body.

The first method that I will recommend to you is what I like to call averaging out your calories. Let's assume that you consume about 2400 calories per day. You are then going to increase and decrease your caloric intake by about 400 calories per day; meaning Monday you will be consuming 2000 calories, then Tuesday consuming 2800 calories, Wednesday consuming 2000 calories again, and so on. By doing this you will still be consuming the same amount of calories overall on a weekly basis; however, you will be achieving the goal of shocking your body each day because you will be significantly altering the amount of calories that you will be consuming. The second technique that I will recommend to you will be to alternate the ratio of various nutrients that you consume. Imagine that your daily nutrient consumption is represented by a jar with 3 layers of coloured sand in it; protein is represented by red sand, carbohydrates by blue sand, and fats by yellow sand. The more of the nutrient you consume, the thicker that its layer of sand will be. The goal of this technique is to alternate the thickness of those layers of sand, while still maintaining the same amount of sand overall within the jar. For instance, let's assume that your weight loss through nutrition plan includes the consumption of a lot of protein, a fair amount of carbohydrates, and a little bit of fat; you would alternate the nutrients that you consume a lot of, a fair amount of, and a little bit of. An example of an alternation of the instance in the last sentence would be to consume a lot of carbohydrates, a fair amount of protein, and a little bit of fat. This should be done at as little as possible in comparison to the previous method, and should be reserved for a near emergency. This is because an excess of usage of this method will do more than shock your will decrease the ability of your nutrition plan to help you lose weight.

The easiest 2 words to remember when it comes to breaking a plateau that is hindering your ability to lose weight are CHANGE, and SHOCK. You must change your nutrition plan, in order to shock your body, to continue to lose weight.