How to lose tummy fat is a question that a lot of people want to know the answer to especially men. Most men who are overweight carry most of their fat on the tummy area. The answer to this question is simple you need to start losing fat, you may be skinny everywhere else but still have a big pot belly. You can not just lose fat in one area, when you lose fat you lose it from all over your body.

The key is to start building lean muscle mass and start a calorie controlled diet that will allow you to lose fat slowly from your body. If you have a big pot belly, it didn't just appear overnight did it and it won't just disappear overnight as well. Whatever you do, do not believe the hype of rapid weight loss programs that state lose x amount of weight in only x amounts of days. Rapid weight loss is not the key to losing tummy fat.

how to lose tummy fatLosing tummy fat is all in the diet and exercise plan, work out how many calories that you need to consume each day to maintain your current weight. Then subtract 500 calories off this amount, you now have the amount of calories that you need to consume each day. By dropping 500 calories from your diet you will now be on your way to losing one pound per week. Your diet plan should consist of 45% carbohydrates 40% protein and 15% fat. You can calculate how many grams you need using this formula. 1 gram of carbohydrates and protein = 4 calories and 1 gram of fat = 8 calories.

Your diet plan is the most important aspect of losing tummy fat and you want to be eating high quality protein, a good way to ensure that you are getting quality protein is by supplementing your diet plan with whey protein powders. Choose wisely though, not just any whey protein look for a product that tastes delicious and is easy to mix. Otherwise you may find that you are unable to use it if it tastes disgusting and takes forever to mix. Once you have sorted out your diet plan. Its time to hit the gym hard, short and intense workouts are the key to losing that tummy and building lean muscle ass.

You must start lifting weight in the 8 to 11 rep range and train each set to failure, you must also start doing cardio exercise which is going to help in reducing your body fat. Stay away from long and low pace cardio workouts, short and intense cardio workouts are the key to successful fat loss. This type of cardio workout will keep your metabolism elevated for many hours after your workout has finished which means more calories burnt which means more fat loss.

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