Want to know how to get rid of Tummy Cellulite?

  We are visual creatures. Value and principles aside, this only means that we appreciate physical beauty and find it pleasant to look at. Our society also often dictates what beautiful means: strong, lean, muscular and sexy bodies.

This is how more and more people today have become obsessed with having fit and healthy bodies. Of course, this naturally translates to ripped abs, rock-hard biceps and a cellulite free waistline. The abs and biceps are always subjects of many a health magazines but rarely do we find articles that address this last subject: how to get rid of tummy cellulite.

Tummy cellulites are fatty deposits that are found just beneath the skin making t it look dimpled and uneven, causing the extremely undesirable cottage cheese effect. It may be the result of a genetic trait that has been passed down or simply a product of poor lifestyle decisions and bad eating habits. There are many remedies or methods one can follow to help battle cellulite. Find ones that suits you and your lifestyle and stick with it to achieve the flat, cellulite free tummy you’ve always wanted.


A good cardiovascular workout is best. Nothing still beats working out a sweat to help speed your metabolism as well as decrease fat accumulation and cellulite build up. Running may help as well as a few tummy targeted floor exercises.

Diet and Lifestyle

Exercises will prove to be useless and futile if not coupled with a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet. Eating foods with lots of natural antioxidants as well as essential fatty acids will cause active cell regeneration. This may help in making the skin visibly clearer and firmer in just a few short weeks.

Also try drinking warm water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon – just half will do. Experts recommend taking this on an empty stomach but if you have a history of hyperacidity, this may not be the best route to take.

Self – Massage and Proper Hydration

Using loofah or a coarse body scrub, start by making figure 8s on your tummy, moving clockwise before bathing. This action stimulates the skin, promotes better blood circulation and helps the body ‘drain’ or rid itself of its fat deposits. Be cautious not to rub too vigorously however as this may leave to unsightly scratches on your skin. Also remember to pat down a generous layer of moisturizer afterward.

Never forget to hydrate. Water is the best skin purifier which is also effective against cellulites. Drinking at last eight or more glasses daily will assist in your ‘fight’ against fat.


The easiest and most popular method of losing cellulite nowadays is by cellulite cream. Its popularity is due to the ease by which it can be applied as well as the speed by which results may be seen. Vitamin A and E, Yohimbe, Caffeine and Forskolin as well as several other ingredients help break down the fat beneath the skin and eventually purge the skin of cellulite and other impurities.

Stomach and ab cellulite is one of the hardest fat deposits to lose but with constant targeted exercise, proper diet and hydration as well as a little help from anti-cellulite creams, you can soon be slim and trim and cellulite free.