A treadmill & dumbbells
Credit: maclihealth.com


There are countless people who have always wanted to lose weight and gain muscle. Getting in shape isn't that hard though. All you need to do is hit the gym nearly everyday for around an hour and you will see the weight fall off. There are many exercises and pieces of exercise equipment to use. Below are a bunch of these.


Treadmills are one of the best ways to get fit in the gym. You'll burn many calories and strengthen your muscles a little while running. The treadmill will help you burn on average 100 calories per mile. Remember, you have to lose weight to see visible muscle. If you get tired, walking is still an option. Walking still burns over half the calories of running. Generally, running burns more carbs while walking burns fat. Overall, the treadmill is the best option in the gym because it targets both fat loss muscle gain!

Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are great because you can pedal as if you're on a bike without going outside. It's great for rainy days. In addition, exercise bikes are great for strengthening leg muscles. However, you won't burn as much as you would on a treadmill. Then again, it's always good to switch up the exercises because running on a treadmill get boring after a while. An exercise bike will burn around 50 calories per mile peddled.


Elliptical are somewhat similar to exercise bikes but you stand up. You'll still gain leg muscle and you'll work out your arms a little. Similar to the exercise bike, ellipticals are harder to burn calories on then treadmills. Elliptical are a fun way to peddle standing up so why not switch up your old exercises and try the elliptical for a change.

Strength Machines

Most gyms have a variety of strength machines. Each strength machine helps build different muscles. Some are for upper body workouts such as the arms, abs, and chest and some are for lower body workouts such as the legs. One popular weight machine is the bench press. Many people, especially bodybuilders, are always bragging about how much they can bench. Wouldn't you like to brag to your friends about this? When people start bench pressing, they can usually bench around their weight. When they get really good at it, they can usually bench at least 1.5 times their weight. strength training also burns almost as many calories as running does, if done vigorously, so you get the benefits of gaining muscle and losing fat! In addition, once you gain muscle, you'll be able to keep your weight down easier because muscle burns more calories than fat does.


Dumbbells are great for everyone. Whether you've never lifted a dumbbell in your life or you can lift 100 lb dumbbells, they come in many sizes from 5-100 lbs usually. Dumbbells are also useful when doing exercises to add weight and strain on your body to increase the effectiveness of the workout.

Yoga Equipment

Buying a yoga ball and yoga mat is the first step to doing yoga. Yoga isn't as effective as other exercises nor will it burn as many calories but it is a fun exercise that many people enjoy. It is best for people who want a relaxing exercise that doesn't use too much energy.


Swimming is a very effective exercise for your body. Did you know that swimming uses almost every muscle in your body? Swimming trims the fat while gaining muscle. Whether you swim casually, have a race, or do laps in the pool, it will all burn fat and gain muscle. Swimming is also fun, unlike some other exercises so what do you have to lose? This is also a good exercise for your entire family. You could swim in the ocean, pool, a lake, or a river. There are many places to go swimming in.