If you are completely fed up with being overweight and you have decided to do something about it, I congratulate you for wanting to take control over your own destiny. But the fact that you want to achieve weight loss without dieting, kind of puts a hamper on things. You see, your diet is the most important ingredient of a successful weight loss formula. You can achieve weight loss using exercise alone, but you will not get the same results you would have had if you had stuck to a diet.

When people hear the word 'diet', a whole bunch of alarm bells go off in their heads. They fear diets are all about starving yourself and constantly walking around with a feeling of hunger. This is actually not the case. Diets that starve you are actually not recommended at all. They will work for about a day or three. After that, they quickly start working against you. When the body is deprived of too many calories in too short of a timeframe, the body starts to hang on to every calorie it can. Your body goes into starvation mode because it thinks it's in a period of famine and it needs to go easy on its energy reserves.

How To Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting

Unfortunately, you're going to have to go one of many fast weight loss diets available to us on the Internet today. If you are going to try to lose weight without any dieting at all, then you are truly setting yourself up for a Sysyphian task. For those of you who don't know who Sysyphus is: he is a person from Greek mythology who was doomed to roll a boulder uphill, never to reach the top. And that's exactly what you'll be doing if you're going to try and burn fat without dieting. You'll spend countless of hours in the gym on a treadmill to make up for your not-dieting, and you will never, ever achieve any tangible results.

It actually costs a lot less effort to just not eat calories as opposed to eating them and then having to burn them. In order for your body to lose weight, there has to be a caloric deficit every single day, many weeks in a row. Making sure that your diet is designed to intentionally give you such a caloric deficit, is the easiest way to force your body to start burning fat. One more option is to try out a whole bunch of supplements to find the best weight loss pills that work well for you, personally. I wouldn't recommend seeking refuge in weight loss drugs, though. Their effects are only temporary. Yet another option is to eat everything you want and cardio train yourself to death in the gym.

But in the end, all other options cost you more time, energy and resources than not eating the calories in the first place!