There are so many different diet tips and tricks out there, that it can make your head spin. At the end of the day, you have to decide, what you can do, and what will likely fit into your lifestyle.

Lets face it, if we have to totally change the way we live and eat, just how likely are we to stick to it?

I found in my weight loss journey (I managed to lose over 26 pounds now), that I had to really get to know myself, and how I would react in certain food situations, and if possible plan ahead.

I decided, long ago, that I was not going to follow and fad diets, such as "low carb" or worse yet "no carb" or "low fat", because I knew at the end of the day, that I would probably lose weight, but I would not be able to sustain it. I decided, I had to be able to eat foods I liked, and walk more, rather than sweat buckets in a gym, and come up with a gentler way to lose this extra weight.

I saw a dietician, who got my on the right path to portion sizes. Not once did she say "get rid of this of that". For me, as soon as someone tells me, "you can't have that anymore" then I know I will want it.

So, this is what I mean, about doing a survey on yourself. Ask yourself some serious questions about your weight loss goals, and just what you are willing to do to achieve them. This way, you can decide what is most likely to work for you.

One weight loss tip that works for me, is one that many people will disagree with, but works just great for me.


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I eat out in restaurants a lot. I used to try and avoid the breads and the fatty stuff, and my stomach would rumble as I saw plates of food going by. Remember, I have ZERO will power. So, I had actually done a survey on myself, and decided that I would not rule out carbohydrates such as breads. I enjoy them, and maybe I would cut back on them, but no way were they leaving my diet. So, I came up with a way that helped me keep the weight off, and not eat so much at a sitting in a restaurant.

I ask the waitress if there will be a basket of bread coming. You know how many restaurants will take your order, then bring a basket of bread or tea biscuits? If they say yes, then I will not order any potatoes with my meal. I will order salad. I will eat that bun, WITH butter, and then I will feel fuller, while I am waiting for my main course.

I am now feeling less hungry, and when my dinner arrives, I am not attacking it, and I totally enjoy it.

If I had not asked the waitress, then I would have normally ordered a full dinner with meat and potatoes, and then the buns would have showed up, and it would take all my will power to avoid them. I always used to say to my friends or co-workers, "if I had known there would be bread, I would have ordered less for dinner".. So, now I make a point of asking first.

Many on the no carb diet, would probably gasped at this idea, but, as I said earlier, you have to know yourself, in order for this weight loss program of yours to work.

Sure, if I had skipped the bread and butter, and ate chicken and salad, I should have been fine, but I know me, and I would still be hungry, by eating that bun first, while we were waiting for dinner. My stomach had a chance to register that it was filling up. I actually started bringing some of my main course home in a doggy bag, as that bun filled me up.

I have managed to lose weight, with different tips and tricks I have tried, based on my personality. If you can sit in a restaurant and pick at food like a rabbit, lose weight, and feel great, then that is wonderful. But for me, I have to make compromises, and this one works for me.

So, don't beat yourself up, figure out your weaknesses and plan ahead on how you will deal with them. If you are going to a dinner party, have a snack at home first, so you are not eating all night.. There are ways around these events, especially when you are trying to lose weight, and do not beat yourself up for not resisting. Try and anticipate the situation and be ready for it.