When it comes to losing weight lots of women worry about losing their breasts as well. Well there is plenty of need to be worried because basically breasts are body fat and losing weight is going to cause you to lose body fat. To be honest with you it is virtually impossible to lose weight and not lose something off your chest. But you can dramatically improve now they look as you are losing weight by doing the right things.

How to lose weight without losing your breasts – things that can be done

The key to prevent or improve how your breasts look after weight loss is to do it correctly by losing it slowly and in a controlled manner. Can you imagine what your breasts are going to look like if you shift lots and lots of weight almost overnight. Let me tell you this, they are not going to look good. The way to keep your breasts looking perky and upright is to lose weight very slowly 1 to 2 pounds each week.

Also it would be a wise move to do exercise that is going to help tone up your muscles and prevent everything from sagging as you are losing weight. The best exercise to do, without losing your breasts whilst losing weight. Is weight training combined with cardio exercise.

You will also need to remember that as you are losing weight your waistline is becoming slimmer and slimmer. So even though your breasts may be getting smaller in size, they will still appear bigger because of your new found body shape.

You can not pick and choose were you lose weight. When you lose weight you lose it from all over your body. I wish you could, but I'm sorry to tell you, it can't be done. But what can be done is how your body and your breasts look as you are losing weight.

Like I mentioned earlier your main concern before anything else is rapid weight loss. Avoid this type of weight loss like the plague. I know lots of women want to lose weight has quickly as they can, maybe for that special occasion that is coming up. Forget about setting yourself goals of losing x amount of weight by such a date. If you are thinking like this then your breasts are going to suffer massively as you lose weight.

How to lose weight without sagging your breasts

Weight loss needs to be done by following an healthy diet plan and a good workout routine. If you are new to exercise, then it is best that you take it easier at first and build up your fitness level slowly. Lifting weights must be done so that you can sculpt your breasts into looking their best. The way to do this is by doing lots of upper body workouts using weights. Good upper body exercises include bench press, incline bench press, lat pull downs and seating cable rows. These exercises will hit your chest and back muscles that will result in better muscle tone as you are losing weight.

Eat a diet plan rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, rice and protein sources such as nuts, chicken and turkey. Another very important thing that you will need to do is to drink lots and lots of fresh filtered water evenly spaced throughout the day. This will help to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best as you are losing your excess weight.