Running is not for everyone. Some people have injuries that prevent them from running. Others just hate to run and who can blame them? Running is hard and painful. It is the best way to lose weight, but you don't have to be a runner to drop the extra pounds.

There are many ways you can lose weight without running but not all of them will work. Each of the steps below should be followed to achieve ultimate weight loss.

Things You Will Need

Desire to lose weight without running

Step 1


Losing weight is about diet and exercise. To lose weight you need to change your diet. There are many great diet programs out there but the bottom line is that you need to reduce the number of calories you are eating every day. Start by figuring out how many calories you burn each day with a calorie calculator. Then start counting calories and make sure you consume less calories than you burn off each day.

Step 2


Swimming is the ultimate no impact exercise. You control the pace and use a natural motion to burn off fat. Find a recreation center near you that has a pool. Most memberships are cheap or sometimes free for local residents.

Step 3


Riding a bike is a great weigh to burn off fat. You can ride a bike outdoors or at the gym. You can even join a instructor lead spin class. Biking is a great outdoor activity as well.

Step 4

Cross Trainer

The cross trainer machine is a low impact exercise machine where you move your legs and arms at the same time. It simulates cross country skiing. It's a great alternative to running. You control your pace and most cross trainer machines will tell you how many calories you burn per hour.

Step 5

Weight Training

Weight training has multiple benefits for losing weight. You burn calories by lifting weights. After you lift weights your muscles grow and they burn calories. Muscle burns 15 times more calories than fat does. Carrying around more muscle helps you burn fat even when you aren't doing anything.

So if you hate to run, or cannot run there are still many other great alternatives out there to help you lose weight. Diet is the most important because if you don't' watch what you eat you cannot lose weight. To help you burn off calories you need to exercise. Swimming, biking and the cross trainer are three great activities you can do to burn off more calories. And finally you need to lift weights to build muscle which will burn calories all day long.

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