Having Love handles for lots of people really gets them down. But how do you lose these unwanted things fast. Well as we all know love handles are basically body fat. So the only way to lose them is to start losing fat. This is only going to be done by eating healthy and doing physical exercise on a regular basis. Some people are lucky and can live their life's free of love handles and not do any exercise. But for most people they are not this lucky.

How to lose your love handles the diet plan

Let's start off by telling you how you are going to start reducing your love handles by eating a more balanced and calorie reduced diet plan. Most people traditionally will eat three large meals a day. Which is usually breakfast, lunch and dinner. But this is not going to cut it, because it allows for too many hours in between meals which makes it easier for you to feel hungry. Which leads to you snacking in between meals on foods such as crisps, chocolates and sweets.

losing love handles fast, lose them quicklyIt is also going to slow down your metabolism, because there is such a huge gap in between meals. To keep your metabolic rate running fast it's very important that you eat every 3 hours. So instead of eating 3 large meals a day you are now going to be eating around 5 to 6 smaller meals. Losing fat is all about speeding up that sluggish metabolism.

You will eat upon waking up, a good meal for this is a healthy smoothie which contains complex carbs, protein and healthy fats. A good smoothie would be oats, chocolate or strawberry whey protein and flaxseed. This can be mixed within seconds and can also be drank quickly, so there is no excuse to say I haven't got the time to eat first thing in the morning.

Your next meal will be your breakfast a good meal for this is breakfast cereal, fruit, and a large glass of milk. Again add a few teaspoons of ground flaxseed to your breakfast to ensure that you are eating your healthy fats.

Your next meals is your lunch, good lunch meals will be chicken or turkey salad sandwiches. 3 hours after lunch you will be eating your pre workout meal which needs to be rich in simple carbs and protein. A good pre workout meal would be a large glass of milk and a piece of food such as a banana or an apple.

One and an half hours later you will be working out in the gym. Whilst working out you will need to make yourself a workout shake which contains again simple carbs and protein. Sip on this shake throughout your workouts to give your body the fuel it needs to workout hard and intense.

Once you finish your workout eat a post workout meal, again a large glass of milk and a piece of fruit will do the job perfectly. 2 to 3 hours later you will need to eat a meal such as chicken, veg and rice. Your last meal of of the day will be your bedtime meal. Which for me is usually a whey protein shake.

How to lose your love handles exercise program.

Whilst what you eat is going to determine how quickly you shift your love handles. Exercise still plays a major role. Like we mentioned earlier love handles are basically body fat. So we need to participate in an exercise program that is designed specifically for us to burn fat. A good workout plan for doing this would be a combination of weight training and cardio exercise.

You want your workouts to be hard and intense so that you get your metabolism going and you burn lots of calories. Slow to moderate pace exercise will just not cut if if you want to lose your love handles. How hard you train is going to be down to you and your fitness levels. If you haven't exercised in a while, it would be a wise move to take it easy at first and build up your level of exercise slowly.

When it comes to lifting weights you will need to workout in the 8 to 11 repetitions range and lift each weight to failure. If you can do more than 11 reps then you are lifting to light and if you cant reach 8 reps then you are training too heavy. Your cardio workouts will be high intensity and short at around 20 to 30 minutes in duration. Any longer than this and you will quickly become bored with your workouts. Good cardio exercise is running, cycling and rowing. Just pick an exercise that you enjoy and stick at it. How to lose your love handles is done by eating and exercising and because love handles are body fat you are not going to lose them overnight it is going to take you time. How fast you do it is all down to the amount of body fat your body is carrying and how hard you work in the gym and with your diet plan.