Everywhere you looHow to lose 20 lbsCredit: morguefile.comk there are ads about weight loss, easy ways to lose weight, get rid of lbs, lose lbs, and more.

They make it sound so easy, like "look at me, if I can do it, so can you" which then makes you feel bad when you can't.

We all know, that to lose weight we need to have less calories coming in than we need, and/or more going out, which usually entails exercise.

But many of these ads, make it sound like you can lose a life time of fat in a few short weeks, just by popping these pills, or drinking these drinks. Pushing the lose one pound a day theme. This sounds good, and it may be possible, on what ever diet or supplements they are promoting. But where are they when you lose the weight and now have to maintain this new weight?

You probably didn't expect to have to stay on a low cal, low fat, full of supplements diet for the rest of your life right?

So what do you do? - How do you Lose 20 lbs?

You can start by patting yourself on the back, for even trying, or admitting you need to lose lbs, and then take a serious look at your lifestyle. If by cutting a bit here and moving a bit there, you manage to lose 5 pounds in a few weeks, don't get caught up in disappointment. This is still an achievement!

All these ads that are out there now, make it seem like a 5 pound weight loss is nothing. But in reality, losing 5 lbs is something. Go to the grocery store, and find yourself a 5 pound roast and hold it up. Try holding it for a few minutes.. doesn't it feel heavy? That represents the 5 pounds your body no longer needs to carry around. The same with 10 pounds, that is a sack of potatoes. Try lugging them around for the afternoon, and see just what your body has managed to get rid of.

It doesn't matter that it took you some weeks or months, every pound of weight loss, helps your body.  Losing 20 lbs is simply losing 5 lbs four times!  Break it down into manageable bits.

It takes 21 days to make or break a Habit

Lets face it, you didn't get this extra weight overnight, so why are we expected to get rid of it overnight? We are creatures of habit, and you need to slowly change your habits, one at a time. You don't just suddenly get up one day, and decide you are going to eat nothing but rice cakes to lose weight. You will lose weight, but it won't be the fat you want to lose, and you will lose energy and give up.. then what? The cycle begins again. Take the time, and cut your portion sizes down slightly, or walk further from your parked car. Don't get disappointLose 20 lbsCredit: morguefile.comed if you only lose a few pounds, this is a great start. Make some gradual changes, but keep them up, and after 21 days, they will become habit! (research shows it takes 21 days to either make or break a habit!) Then try some new changes.

I personally tried some of those "quick diets" and yes, I saw some weight loss at first, but then it just came back when I couldn't keep eating the same boring diet over and over. My family gets together over meals, especially on the weekend, and I was not about to punish myself with lettuce while they all ate dinners!

I took it on myself, and did some research, and found different ways to "trick" my body into burning off some fat and to lose lbs. I looked at my life, and realized that there were foods I didn't want to get rid of, and there were days that I didn't want to sit and eat lettuce while everyone else enjoyed Sunday dinner. Sunday Dinners are a big one for me, so I decided to pick just "certain days of the week" actually the 5 most routine days, to try and be careful with my diet. I made sure to have lots of good snacks, such as fruit and yogurt, cut my portion sizes on those days, and was able to stick to a good eating plan for those few days, because I knew, I was still going to eat pie and dessert on Sunday!

The minute someone says you can "never have that again, or never have this again" then you will get depressed and not carry on. You still need your treat foods for this to work. You are slowly changing the way you eat and you will slowly lose lbs.

A lot of it is how you think and the deals you make with yourself. This has worked for me. I have also added exercise when I can, and YES 10 minutes here and there is just as good as 30 minutes in one go. So, before you say to yourself, I need to lose weight, but I don't have time to exercise, just incorporate it into your day. The stairs was a good one for me. Our house has 2 floors, so I would spend 10 minutes going up and down the stairs, enough to get your heart rate up. I didn't change into workout clothes, or go to the gym. If I had to change, then it was not happening! I simply went up and down the stairs a few times as part of my day, and also I started walking my dog a bit more.

Try writing down what you eat for a week, and see which days, you think you could give up some of those high fat foods, and replace with healthy alternatives, and see which days you would rather do some exercise than give up that days bigger meals. Make a deal with yourself about how much weight loss you want, and allow yourself the time. You don't and should not put pressure on yourself to lose lbs fast, like in one month. It is not healthy. You need the time to get used to this new plan..

There are many formulas out there for this type of diet, it is not new, but it worked for me, I have lost 26 pounds to date, and don't feel starved at all. I actually feel great with tons more energy. Once you get to that point, you will NEVER go back! And YES I still eat Sunday dinners with pie for dessert!

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