Taking steps to lower blood pressure fast is important for long term health. Blood pressure rises naturally with age as the years of wear and tear take their toll on all parts of our bodies. Raised blood pressure or hypertension, is known as the silent killer because often it does not present any very obvious symptoms and can go unnoticed for a considerable time. Worse still the pressure can be mounting until it something has to give. That sadly is when many unaware people who have had headaches, dizzy spells or repeated nosebleeds then suffer strokes or heart attacks because it was due to hypertension all along.

Living with uncontrolled high blood pressure will cause damage to arteries and eventually, serious illness or even death from heart attack or stroke can result. Having your blood pressure regularly checked by your doctor or even buying your own blood pressure meter to monitor yourself can make a difference. Taking steps to lower high blood pressure fast if you are a sufferer or even making lifestyle changes to help prevent hypertension problems is vital to your well-being. Some life styling changes such as quitting smoking might seem drastic but preventing an early death is even more important. Even so, there are still a lot of simple changes you can undertake that will make a huge difference to your health.

Lose weight:

The more weight you carry around the harder your heart must work with the extra burden increasing blood pressure. Many people are overweight because their diet of sugar, carbohydrate and fat loaded food causes weight gain. This leads to narrowing and hardening of the arteries which in turn raises blood pressure. Hypertension, strokes or heart disease risks are then almost inevitable.

Quit smoking:

We all know how detrimental to health smoking is. In the case of blood pressure, Nicotine makes the pulse race while other harmful chemicals damage the lungs and arteries. Long term, the lungs become clogged with tar, lose their function to take in air, oxygenate the blood and pump it around the body. All of which increases blood pressure, heart disease as well as increasing cancer risk .

Reduce alcohol consumption:

Apart from causing weight gain excessive drinking has an impact on the liver and kidneys. While moderate amounts of alcohol can actually be beneficial to our hearts, overuse and especially binge drinking can cause long-term hypertension due to damage to the arteries. Moderation is the key.

Reduce salt consumption:

Most processed foods often contain higher levels of salt than we need and is good for us. Some salt is essential but too much in our normal diet will push blood pressure up alarmingly. Salt draws water from cells increasing the volume of blood our heart has to pump around our bodies and putting added strain on arteries. Many hypertensive patients are prescribed diuretics to expel water and reduce blood pressure, however to do this naturally without drugs is simply achieved by cutting down on processed food, eating more fresh produce and not adding salt when cooking or to food once served.

Healthy eating:

Eating a healthier diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables will greatly assist in naturally reducing hypertension. A better diet avoiding fatty and carbohydrate loaded junk food will help reduce weight. The natural vitamins, minerals, fibre and other beneficial content of this diet will all keep bodies in better shape and aid a reduction in blood pressure.

Get more exercise:

Yet again, a natural way to reduce your weight and take some of the strain off your heart and system is to get more exercise. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on joining a gym or buying costly home exercise equipment unless you want begin working out. Simply taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking instead of using the car or bus will do just as well. If you haven't exercised for a while, start off slow and gently and build up your regime gradually, that way you will not over strain yourself. Ideally get a check-up from your doctor beforehand to make sure you are putting yourself at risk.

Learn to relax and get a good nights sleep:

We all need a tiny bit of stress as this is what our bodies were designed to cope with. However the huge stress levels we are subjected to in modern society can push us to boiling point. Take up a hobby, listen to music, go for a walk, whatever it takes try to learn to relax. Don't stay up late working or surfing the net, switch off the computer and your mind, wind down and try to get eight hours sleep a night.

These are just some simple sensible steps anyone can bring into their life. Learning to reduce blood pressure does mean a slight lifestyle change. But making a few changes now to your everyday life will give you a longer and healthier life to lead. The consequences of not doing so can mean needlessly damaging your life beyond repair or worse still, shortening it.