It adds up fast

It's no surprise that in today's day and age gas prices are through the roof. People are struggling with low income and wages, while things like food and gas prices continue to rise. In this critical time of our lives we have to find any way we can to be more frugal and efficient with our money and look for any way we can to cut costs. Travel expenses add up quickly, and here's a list of steps you can take to reduce the price you pay at the pump.

Get a store card

Many grocery stores around here have a card that you use to get discounts on food items, but another wonderful little bonus feature is you get gas points. These gas points trade in for .10 cents off a gallon once you have spent enough money at their store. You have to buy groceries all the time because you need to eat, so it's only smart to get their card and save money at the cash register and at the pump. Swipe or scan your cStore cardCredit: bayschoolpta.orgard at their gas station or a local participating gas station and it will take all your gas points and reduce the price per gallon you pump that one time. I've had instances where I had .40 cents off a gallon for the month and I waited until I was almost on empty and then filled up at the reduced price with my store card. It's not much, but it does help if you are already buying groceries anyway.


This one sounds weird but it helps in a huge way if you have a friend or a co-worker that works at or near your location. Offer to drive them to work and pick them up and then the next day swap so your friend drives. This way you are saving on gas because you are only using half the amount you normally would be. Again this isn't practical unless you are in an arrangement where it's convenient for both of you to carpool, but if you are in a position where you can then you definitely should consider it to cut costs on your travel expenses. Even if a few sacrifices need to be made like you have to wait an extra 30 minutes for your friend or co-worker to get off work, it's worth it. If you think about things logically you usually spend about $40.00 at the pump today. If you work a typical job making say $10.00 an hour then that means that you would be working 4 hours to fill up your tank. If you are waiting a half an hour to save yourself $10.00 at the pump you are being efficient with your time and your money.

Find back roads

Here's another tip that could or could not be used depending on where you live. Where I live there is the major highway to get to work which goes about 65 mph and there are some small back roads that also lead to my job. Both paths take about the same time becauBack roadse the back roads are more direct but are much slower while the highway is a little longer to get to but faster to drive. The key here in saving money, however, is the fact that your car is much more fuel efficient driving at slower steady speeds. This means that even if you saved 5 minutes by going on the fast highway, you are plowing through your gas tank much more rapidly than if you drove on the slower back roads. It's worth leaving 5 minutes early to save 45% on your gas efficiency. Consider using Google maps and other resources to find the most efficient way at the slowest speeds. I feel like I could use the Geico quote in a sense but switch the words around: "10 minutes of research could save you 45% or more on gas expenditure".

Make your car efficient

This is actually another article in and of itself but it's worth just mentioning a few key points. Keeping your car in peak condition and checking it often will cause your gas mileage to be much better than if you didn't. Change out old parts and filters, keep the tires filled, and keep the weight down inside the car and all of these things will add up in the long run. Don't discount these tips for your car, you would be surprised how much less you will be filling up each year when these small changes are applied and continually monitored. It's not something that you will notice just like you won't notice when you start a fitness journey the daily results. If you take a before and after shot then you will see that huge difference, just like if it was possible to take a before and after shot of the difference in gas usage you would actually see a huge difference.

Small changes, big differences

These changes when all put together will cause you to be extremely fuel efficient and you will see a noticeable different in your fuel economy and wallet as well. Your commuting costs will go down dramatically if you use these and other useful tips you come across the internet, and if you are diligent you could be saving money and making money. What do I mean by making money? If you are sGasaving money at the pump and being more efficient, it's almost like the hours you work at your job are more and you make more money. if you work the same hours but spend 1/2 the amount of money per month with these tips than before, it's almost like getting that money you saved as extra hours on the job. Don't be lazy because you don't have time; take the time and find ways to save and you will be thankful in the long run. Your wallet will be pleased that you did, and you will be happy to know that you are taking an active approach to saving yourself money in ways that are within your control.