Many people who need to know how to lower insulin resistance have probably been warned by their doctors that they are at risk for developing diabetes. They are probably in the situation for a number of reasons including potential genetic predispositions such as a familial history of diabetes or an developmental problem resulting in type-1 diabetes however most people at risk, roughly 90 percent to be exact, are at risk for developing diabetes because of insulin insensitivity resulting from a poor diet and little to no exercise.

If this describes you then keep in mind that you are not alone. You are simply one of many people who are at the mercy of modern times.We have access to too many foods and have little need to do much physical labor to put this food on the table.In the past it was not like this. Food was scarce and many people had to physically work hard to have access to it.

Lowering Insulin Resistance Is Simple But Not Easy

Foods To Reverse Insulin ResistanceToday, if you have insulin regulation problems (maybe diabetes or pre-diabetes) and you need to learn how to lower insulin resistance (maybe even to help in avoiding diabetes) you need to go back to what our ancestors did and eat less food and participate in more physical activity. Sure, you can call it exercise but physical activity is just as good. Lowering insulin resistance does not differentiate between jogging around the block every day and going golfing or bowling every few days. Just keep in mind that if you are already diabetic you should make sure you wear proper diabetic athletic shoes to manage the health of your feet.

You can simply go out to the park and play catch or take up surfing. Anything that you enjoy that requires physical activity can help drastically in your battle to help lower insulin resistance. Simultaneously, if you can also cut back on the refined and processed foods you eat you'll probably be taking another major step in increasing insulin sensitivity and returning to better health.

You see, insulin levels are greatly impacted by the sensitivity your body has to it.If for instance after you eat and your blood sugar levels climb people who have high sensitivity to insulin will not require as much to be produced in order to bring blood sugar levels back to a normal range.

Conversely people with low sensitivity will require more to regulate blood sugar levels. Knowing how to reduce insulin levels is to know how to prevent insulin resistance. You do not want to be in the second boat and managing your weight and activity levels will keep you from ever falling in danger of having low insulin sensitivity.

The bottom line is this. Diabetes is a condition of the modern era because we have unparalleled access to cheap food and we require less physical activity to function than anytime in history. Insulin resistance is not something that you do to yourself without cause so if you want to improve insulin resistance then you have to take some action to do the things we did in the past as humans. Eat less and stay more active.

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