If you've been wondering how to lower LDL cholesterol naturally, you've just found a simple 3 step plan you can start following today.

First, let's take a look at why finding a natural solution to this problem is so important.

Cholesterol is not called the "silent killer" for no reason. Dangerously high cholesterol levels has become an epidemic in the US, as well as many other parts of the world. Unfortunately, the medication most often prescribed to remedy this situation, commonly known as statin drugs, have proven to pose as big a danger to some people as their cholesterol levels.

Common side effects associated with statins include permanent muscle damage and cognitive dysfunction. Despite this, billions of dollars is spent on this medication every year.

The sad thing is that you can decrease bad cholesterol naturally, and in most cases avoid dangerously high cholesterol counts, by simply making a few key changes to your lifestyle. Some of it will require a certain level of sacrifice, but when your health is at stake, surely giving up on that extra piece of sponge cake or getting off your butt to take a walk every day is a small price to pay.

Why Is High Cholesterol Bad

Bad cholesterol, also known as LDL, causes a health risk by clogging up arteries. Perhaps the biggest risk it poses is that of atherosclerosis, which hardens the arteries and constricts blood flow, leading to an elevated risk of heart disease and strokes.

Your job is to get more of the good cholesterol (HDL) into your blood, while lowering the bad stuff. Here is your 3 step plan to reduce and control bad cholesterol without medication.

1. Fix your Diet

What better way to lower LDL cholesterol naturally than by simply developing healthy eating habits. Depending on how serious your cholesterol problem is, drastic changes may not always be called for. Just a few simple changes and more responsible behaviour can make a big difference.

The first thing you need to do is to cut down on foods that can elevate your cholesterol levels. These include full cream dairy products like butter, cheese and milk, as well as red meat, liver and greasy junk food.

Next, eat more of the foods that either decrease bad cholesterol, or contribute less to the problem. For example, you can eat more fish instead of red meat. Soluble fiber as found in fruit, vegetables, oatmeal and whole grains have been known to actively reduce cholesterol. If you like your spreads, many margarines contain plant sterols which can also help lower your cholesterol, as opposed to butter which increases it.

The more dangerous your cholesterol levels, the more drastic the changes to your diet will need to be. Keep in mind that a healthy diet will not only help you to reduce LDL cholesterol naturally, but also aid your overall health in many other ways.

2. Get Regular Exercise

Exercise can absolutely reduce bad cholesterol, while raising HDL at the same time. It is recommended that you try to exercise at least 30 minutes about 5 days a week. Start slowly, by just taking brisk walks or perhaps riding a bicycle. Do some sports, like squash or tennis. Start jogging. Just get going.

Finding friends who can do it with you can help make it more fun, and you can also be accountable to one another. Another major benefit of regular exercise is that, in combination with your new healthy diet, you will lose weight.

3. Use Cholesterol Fighting Supplements

If you still find that you need a little help to reduce bad cholesterol after implementing the changes above, here is the final part of the process which can really push you into the green zone: natural supplements.

The first supplement that pretty much everyone should be using is fish oil. The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil can help to lower LDL cholesterol naturally and safely. As the same time fish oil brings a whole host of other health benefits to the table.

The second type of supplement you can consider is one that is specifically formulated to reduce bad cholesterol. Supplements like this contain natural cholesterol lowering ingredients like Policosanol, red rice yeast and Sytrinol. It's basically a little cholesterol diet in a capsule.

Generally these come with very little risk of side effects, although not all are equally effective, so you need to make an informed choice.

Hopefully you now have a sound idea of how to lower LDL cholesterol naturally. Please be sure never to quit prescribed medication without consulting with your doctor first though.