Many people know this all too well; high blood pressure can quickly cause a heart attack if left unchecked at unsafe levels. In fact high blood pressure has been said to raise your risks for having a heart attack by 100 percent for every 10 points your blood pressure climbs. For this reason it is very important to know how to lower your blood pressure quickly in the event that your blood pressure levels start climbing out of control. Lowering your blood pressure quickly and naturally may be your best bet for living a longer and healthier life.

How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Quickly

Lowing your blood pressure quickly is something that is important for people who suffer from chronic hypertension. If you have hypertension then you probably have times of the day when your blood pressure spikes more than normal. Often these times are high stress periods of your day or possibly even times immediately following meals.

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been found to take immediate effect to your meals and as a result a lot of people have particularly bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure after meals. Similarly however, blood pressure often drops off a bit in the morning as this is often a low stress time of the day. In any event however, lowering blood pressure quickly is very important when you are trying to lower chronic hypertension.

Lowering chronic high blood pressure naturally relies heavily on decreasing sodium, caffeine, and stress from you life while simultaneously increasing your levels of exercise and decreasing your overall body weight. This however is a long process and during the process of lowering blood pressure naturally you will be faced with periods of high stress and resultantly high blood pressure levels.

In this situation you can lower blood pressure levels quickly by relieving stress. Poorly hydrated people tend to have higher blood pressure so drinking water helps as this helps to flush your body out while also increasing your overall level of hydration. Above all make sure to relax and let the tension out of your body. Knowing how to lower cortisol levels will help you significantly with keeping hypertension in check. Stand up and go for a slow walk clearing your mind of everything. Do some light stretching or meditating and you should have a small but immediate impact.

As a more mid-term activity which will help to lower blood pressure you can do some exercise sprints in the morning a few times a week. Exercise is well known to help lower blood pressure and sprints help in lowering blood pressure faster than general exercise. When you are not sprinting slow and steady walks sprinkled throughout your day are the best blood pressure maintenance program you can do. If you need to lower blood pressure quickly make sure to take a lot of short walks throughout your day.

You may be inspired to take one big long walk instead of many short ones but this would be a mistake. The short walks help to keep your stress levels down and your blood pressure low. After each walk the benefits will remain for some time. Talking one long walk will only keep your blood pressure lower for a little bit after the walk compared to all the combined time after each short walk.

Lowering blood pressure levels quickly is not an exact science and medicine is always an option. You and your doctor can discuss your options at your next visit but in the mean time work on lowering blood pressure levels naturally so that you can live longer and stay healthy for a lifetime.