The Problem

Many people are not aware of the problem, that despite living healthy, their genetic profile prevents their body to deal with carbohydrates. The result is unexpectedly high triglyceride - and often cholesterol - levels in their blood. It could be very risky, because there are no - or very few - symptoms.

The consequences on the other hand are very serious on long-term, including heart attack, and stroke. I was lucky - I discovered my problem pretty early, without having any long-term problems yet. As you can imagine, my first reaction was desperation. Doctors didn't encourage me with any good things. They said I have to take pills for the rest of my life, and don't expect to lower my triglyceride level any sooner than 6 to 9 months.

The Traditional Way

The traditional way of dealing with this problem - according to many doctors - is :

  • Take pills like statins and fibrates for the rest of your life
  • Lower your sugar consumption level
  • Lose weight
  • Eat good fats instead of bad fats (Omega3)
  • Excercise regularly

Well, I have to tell you - I can agree completely only with the last one. All other points are either not true, or doesn't tell you the whole story - not to mention the undersides.

Triglycerid levels

The Truth

Here we are. I have to be a little harsh here : The truth is painful - as you can expect !

Of course it's not that bad, if you consider what you are avoiding. Doing some extensive research on internet, I conclude that you have to avoid (not cut back !) carbohydrates.

I have to be clear here : You have to cut carbohydrates to almost zero !

Yes, I know it will be hard. Sadly, carbohydrates include everything which has sugar, and ( what people often forget ) everything that includes starch! Because if you eat starch-rich food, your body converts it to sugar - so it has the same effect as eating sugar.

Now you have to understand the basic mechanism which enables you to lower your triglyceride levels drastically :

Triglycerides are used by your body to transfer energy to your cells. That's nothing special. But what happens if you eat a lot of sugar and/or starch rich food ? The fact is, your body is trained so, that processing raw sugar is much simpler and easier than processing fat. So if you eat sugar AND fat, what happens ? Your body will process sugar, making energy of it, and dumping the excessive energy from fat into your blood. That's triglyceride, because it's much more effective to make energy from sugar. Some people are lucky, and have a genetic profile that enables them to eat sugar without rising triglyceride levels. But we are not the same.

If you are eating and living healthy, and still have raised triglyceride - well, you have to deal with it that your genes are not allowing for you to eat sugar or starch rich food. It's that simple.

The Solution

The answer is simple ! Do not eat sugar and starch !

Let's take it point by point :

  • Take pills like statins and fibrates for the rest of your life

No ! These medicaments have serious side effects especially on long-term. 

  • Lower your sugar consumption level

Partially true, but you have to bring it down to zero, not just lower it !

  • Lose weight

Yes, it's always better to have ideal weight, but you don't have to suffer anything more : If you stick to the no sugar / no starch diet, you will automatically lose weight !

  • Eat good fats instead of bad fats (Omega3)

Partially true. Omega3 is has very good effects on triglyceride levels on long-term. In reality, if you are otherwise healthy, you can eat whatever fat you want, it will not raise your triglyceride level. Of course it's always better to eat some non-processed healthy fats instead of junk food.

  • Excercise regularly

It's very much true ! It will help you lose weight, increase your metabolism rate, and helps burn excess fats in your blood - and since you don't eat sugar - your body have to burn the triglyceride to extract energy from them !

That's it ! 

My triglyceride levels were almost 10 times higher than normal only 8 months ago, despite living a healthy life. When I begin the no sugar diet, my triglyceride lowered to the normal level within 2 months ! Previously doctors told me it's impossible to lower it under 6 months!

What food you have to avoid : ( the sad part )

  • sugar, cakes, sweet drinks - anything with sugar in it
  • pastry, bread ( yes , whole grain bread too ! ), pizza, anything with lots of flour in it
  • potatoes in any form, rice

Read very carefully the nutrition facts on packaging ! Nowadays almost anything could contain sugar.

What's good for you :

  • Fish, seafood in general
  • Essential oils : flaxseed oil, olive oil...etc.
  • Milk, cheese, products from milk
  • Meat ( yes, it contains fat, but it's a much-needed energy for your body too )
  • Lots of vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Seeds ( nut, walnut, almond..etc )