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What is Lucid Dreaming?
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How to start Lucid Dreaming Tonight.

Do you know what a lucid dream is?  What if I were to tell you that a lucid dream is literally defined as a dream that you have absolute 100% control over.  You can do anything your imagination can dream up.  

Now, with that knowledge I would also like to add that Lucid dreams have been adapted to be very useful.  Some people use them to their advantage.  Are you having problems getting a job interview right?  Well, why not practice it all out in your dreams?  Are you having problems asking out that boy/girl that you've had your eyes on since the sixth grade?  What a wonderful time to be learning about lucid dreaming because you can practice and gain confidence by going over how you will do it in your dreams!

I will often times get the same questions about this topic.  A massive chunk of individuals who want to get started will ask me: "How vivid is a lucid dream?"  And I will always answer the same way, "How do you know you aren't dreaming right now?"

Lucid dreams can be a wonderful way to just reduce stress and explore your mind and express your imagination.  You can build a city in seconds, and even decide how you want to destroy it!  You can fly to the moon, or even fight aliens with George Washington!  In a lucid induced dream, did you know that you can taste food?  You can talk to Nelson Mandela and ask him what his favorite brand of Mustard is.  The ideas literally never end!  

So now that I have hopefully enlightened you with how wonderful this simple tool can be, maybe you are just as eager as I was to learn how to do it.  And I am here to give you my tips and tricks that I have learned over several years of research and personal experience.  You see, Buddhist monks can already achieve this state of mind.  BUT!  That is due to the several years of concentrated studies that they have invested into their minds and bodies to gain the control over their state of being.  I am here today to give you the secrets of how you can learn these techniques in just a few nights! 

The big thing you will be trying to achieve at all times is a "key" or "gateway" into a dream.  So, to achieve this there are a few things you will have to do pretty regularly.  The first of those things is a simple one.  Keep a Dream Journal.  Yep, that's all.  If you keep a journal next to your bed and write your dreams inside of it, this will benefit you in several ways.  One of the best ways to induce a lucid dream is to improve your dream recall.  Did you know that every night you go to bed and sleep 8+ hours you actually have four or more dreams.  The problem with the mind is that as you grow older you can actually become so swallowed up by everyday things and stress that the mind will "forget" these dreams.  So one way to start having more dreams is to be able to remember your first ones.  Also, you wouldn't want to induce a lucid dream and have fun for 30 minutes just to fall asleep again and forget that dream would you?

So to use this journal, you want to record your dreams as soon as you wake up before you can forget what you were dreaming about.  After a few weeks of remembering dreams you will want to go through your journal and try and notice anything that happens to be reoccuring in your dream scenes.  This is going to be your "key".  I will touch on this a little bit more on the next section about reality checks.

So, now that you have a decent amount of dreams and an expanding dream journal, you may want to start integrating reality checks into your daily routine.  They make several apps that can help you do this.  But basically throughout the day you want to make several "checks" to see if you are awake.  The theory behind this is that if it becomes a habit in your waking life, that eventually you WILL do it in your dreaming life.  And once you catch that wave, RIDE IT.  You see, in a dream, things aren't really like they are in real life.  Things change, things are shaped strange, words and numbers aren't stable.  

Some good reality checks that you can do pretty discretely are:

  • Counting your fingers (In a dream you will often times have 7 or 8 fingers on one hand and 3 on the other.)
  • Trying to lean on a wall (In a dream, most times, you will either fall through the wall or the wall will move.)
  • Try to "push" your finger through your hand. (In a dream your finger will usually go right through.)
  • Look at a clock and note what time it is.  Now look away and then back at the clock. (In dreams, the time will often times be different.)
  • Look at a mirror. (This one I strongly recommend not to do...  You may see something in the mirror you didn't want to in a dream...)

If you use these dream checks and use them regularly throughout the day and do this consistently then you shall eventually do one in your dreams!  Now, this is where that "key" comes into play that I was talking about earlier.  In your dreams you will often have something that happens to be there in most dreams.  Like lets say in all your dreams, your sister suzie is always present.  THAT IS GREAT!  You can utilize this to your advantage.  This means that you can speed up the process of reality checks instead of making it habit, make it habit to do a reality check when you see your sister.  That way when it happens in your dream, your mind is already programmed to do a reality check.  You look at your hands and notice you have 13 fingers and... BOOM!  You realize you're dreaming.  

This method of lucid dreaming is known as Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming, or DILD for short.  Once you are lucid, this is the most important part of the entire process.  You have to remain calm, for several seconds after you realize you're dreaming.  If you do happen to get overly excited, there is a 99% possibility that you will wake yourself up and then proceed to be disappointed because you lost your first lucid dream.  Don't be discouraged if this happens as it is very easy to do and even happened to me on my first attempt.  

Once inside a dream, you have to learn how to control it.  It isn't as simple as you would imagine.  Learning how to control your dreams is like everything else, it takes practice.  In order to control everything about your dream, you have to be able to use your imagination.  A lot of it is really just a mind game.  In other words, you have to make your mind believe it is possible.  If you wanted to go somewhere, you would just close your eyes and imagine the place you want to go as vividly as possible.  Now when you open your eyes, you will be there.  Just experiment with this and see what works best with you.  


I want to speak about one more method of achieving lucidity before I end this article.  This method of Lucid dreaming is known to be the holy grail of lucid dreamers.  It is known as the WILD, or Wake Induced Lucid Dream.  The reason this method is so powerful is because you can use this method to achieve lucidity AT WILL!  Yep, that's right, you basically force the dream to lucidity.  

This method is only recommended when you have achieved your first few DILD's  and have some experience inside a dream.  The idea here is to achieve a state where your mind remains awake, but your body falls asleep.  Before I can continue on I have to talk about something that is called Sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is something that happens to you every night when your body falls asleep.  Your body will temporarily paralyze itself so that it wont act out any of your dreams in waking life.  This can be quite a scary thing to undergo if your mind was to wake before your body.   The problem with this is that your mind will begin to show you hallucinations, which can be whatever you make them.  Sometimes you will see figures in your room, and sometimes you will just feel what seems to be violent and rough vibrations.  This is not harmful in any way as you do it every night, but is something you may encounter attempting a WILD.

The best time to attempt this is after you have already been asleep for a while, or even for a mid afternoon nap.  This is because these are the times that your body is trying to catch up on REM sleep, which is the stage of sleep that you experience dreams.  So, step one, go to sleep.  Simple, right?  Okay, now set an alarm for 5 or so hours after you go to bed.  This next step is different for most everyone.  If you are a light sleeper, you will want to go immediately back to sleep and begin the 3rd step.  IF you are deep sleeper, you will want to get up and take this opportunity to read or relieve the old bladder.  The idea, is to wake up your mind enough that you can remain conscious while your body falls asleep.  

This next step is the most important part.  When you lay back down, some people say that you HAVE to lay on your back.  But, through my experience and research, it is actually best to lay in the position you fall asleep the easiest, or are the most comfortable and can lie there for an extended period of time.  

The next thing you have to do is relax your body.  Some people like to practice number point body relaxation techniques.  Others will practice meditation.  However you have to do it, make sure your body is so relaxed it feels almost as though you are floating.  You have to convince your body that your mind is asleep.  So if you see any thoughts, just observe them, and then lead them out of your mind.  After a few minutes of this you can enter the next stage, and thus, the next step.

Soon, you will start to notice what oneironauts refer to as hypnagogic imagery.  This can be little patterns of light, or flashing colors.  Again, just watch them, don't interact.  Soon, you will begin to enter sleep paralysis, as I spoke of earlier.  It is easy to go directly from this stage to a dream.  Once pictures or "videos" start to take form, you can try to focus them or "draw" a dream scene.  Once you have deeply rooted this scene, begin to interact with your surroundings.  Sit down, run your hands through the grass.  Rub your hands together.  Once you feel the dream has been thoroughly established, feel free to take control and do whatever you'd like.  You have now successfully induced a WILD!