Is it really possible to make $210 per hour with Info Barrel? Well…sort of. You will need to stick with me on this one, since I'll be making some assumptions, and thinking really long term. Just in case you are not familiar with the site, I'll explain briefly how it works, and then go on to make my case that you can earn $250 per hour, right here on Info Barrel.

How it works:

For those unfamiliar with Info Barrel, let me explain. Info Barrel is a revenue sharing site where authors can earn money in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, the majority of the money Info Barrel authors make is from the Google Adsense program. Info Barrel, unlike many other revenue sharing sites, offers a huge share of money earned from Google. In fact, it's up to 90%, and no lower than 75%. It's really more of a long term money maker, not a get rich quick type of thing. If you're looking for a get rich scheme, you are in the wrong place.

When you write articles, they are posted on the site. In theory, they will be here forever. This means long term income from any article you write today. Often called passive income, this allows you to make money, month after month, year after year, on any article you write. So, the article you write today, and then do nothing with for years, continues to earn you money online each and every month.

$210 per hour:

Okay, I'm going to make my case that you can actually earn $210 per hour, right here on Info Barrel. I'm going to make some assumptions, based on my own experience. Of course, your experience may be better than mine.

1. Write an article: This is how it begins. Let's say you write one article, on any topic you like. Let's assume you have some typing skills, and some experience, although it's not really required, and it takes you about 30 minutes to get it done.

2. Monthly income: You make about a $1.50 per month on the article you write from Google Adsense. For the purposes of the example, we'll assume it makes $1.50 every month, without any up and down trends.

3. Alternative income: Let's say, for this example, that you don't add any affiliate links, or any other alternative sources of income other than your Chitika ads. Let's say you make a quarter per month with Chitika. Again, we'll assume you make the same amount each and every month.

At first glance, you think to yourself…wow, I took a half an hour, and made $1.75. I made $3.50 per hour. For now, you're right. However, you must keep in mind that the article will continue to earn money, month after month, year after year. Let's take it a step further, and see what happens as the article continues to earn money over the course of time.

1. Six months: Your article is making you money each month, at the rate of $1.75 per month between your Google Adsense and Chitika accounts. You have made a total of $10.50 on your article. Hmm….now we're getting somewhere. It took you thirty minutes to make that article, so you made about $21.00 per hour, so far.

2. One year: Your article is still making you money each and every month. You've taken in $21.00 after a year. Now, you're making way more money per hour than you do at your regular job. You earned $42.00 per hour for the time you spent writing that article.

3. Two years: It just keeps getting better, and earn a total of $42.00 on your article, making your hourly wage about $84.00 per hour!!

4. Five years: Five years have gone by so far, and you're still pulling in your buck-seventy five per month. Over the last five years, you made $105. You have an hourly wage of $210 per hour!! How much do you make at your day job?

It could be better!!

You could actually make even more than $210 per hour with Info Barrel. There are many factors that go into making more money online with your articles. Let's take a look how you could earn even more money per hour.

1. Affiliate sales: You can cash in on affiliate sales through sites like Amazon. What if you write about something like four wheelers, and somebody actually buys one from your affiliate store. Even if it's a cheap ATV, you could make $50 or more in commission. What's your hourly wage then?

2. Links: You provide links in your articles that lead the readers to other articles you have written. Some may be on different sites, some may be right here on Info Barrel. You make even more money per hour.

3. Do better: You write a better performing article, which makes over $2 per month, on average. This is not impossible. You'll find that you occasionally write an article or two that does really well. I have several that make $20 plus per month. What do you suppose my hourly wage was for those articles?

4. Other revenue streams: You have an online business. You provide a link or two for your business, and you gain a few sales. You make even more money.

5. Going viral: Your article goes viral or gets unsolicited back links by huge sites. This may only last a few days, but you make big bucks, maybe a single day in the $10 range. Perhaps it lasts a month, and you make an extra $100 for that month. How much money are you making online with Info Barrel per hour then?

Passive Income:

Info Barrel is passive income at the finest degree. You put some work in today, for this example, a half an hour worth of work, and make money for years to come. This is what passive income is all about!! If you can write articles, you can make money online with Info Barrel. You can make $210 per hour, in your spare time. Yes, it takes a long time to get there, but it really can be done. Get writing!